6 Silver linings of winter

Feet Warming By Fireplace
Look on the bright side…

If summer and winter went head-to-head for the honour of being the most popular season of the year, then it would be no contest and summer would win easily with its sunshine, ice creams and suntans.

But hold on just a minute. Winter shouldn’t be written off quite so easily; there are lots of overlooked benefits during the snowy season.

Summer has its perks for sure, but no season does comfy time quite like wintertime. Allow us to remind you of what’s in store when the nights draw in.

1. Knitwear

Man in knitwear
Image source: Nosnibor
Up your scarf game this winter.

It’s time to bring out the knit. How lucky we are to be able to indulge in the world of knitwear. Those poor inhabitants of countries like Australia and Mexico with their wall-to-wall sunshine have probably never experienced slipping on a Scandinavian wool sweater that’s so furry it makes you feel like a man-bear. Everybody loves a man-bear right?

2. Cosy fires

Log fire
Image source: Natalia Zakharova
Is there anything cosier than a crackling fire? No.

Putting logs onto an open fire to warm up the living room is quite possibly the best thing about winter. Staring into the crackling flames as they consume the dried out summer logs (if you’ve been organised with your log splitter this year!) is hugely satisfying and relaxing. There isn’t really any need for a television when the fire starts to burn, but enjoying a film with friends beside the fire is pretty special. You could even roast some chestnuts (or popcorn) if you want!

3. Comfort foods

Beef Stew
Image source: Robyn Mackenzie
Mmm, stew!

Summer may have its salads and strawberries and Al fresco dining, but winter has proper food, food that really satisfies your appetite. We’re talking about beef stew and dumplings, pumpkin soup, casseroles full of roasted vegetables … the list goes on and let’s not forget those desserts like apple and blackberry crumble with custard. Comforting, filling and perfect to warm you up before the Sunday afternoon nap on the sofa.

4. Staying in

Lazy cat nap in front of a rainy window.
Image source: Cat Images
Forget the rainy world outside and stay in.

Staying in can sometimes feel like you’re missing out on something in the middle of summer when parks and beer gardens are full of people socializing. Not during winter though. In the colder months you can close the curtains at 5pm, turn the heating on and put your feet up and relax in the knowledge that you’re not missing out on anything outside other than seeing the diehards freezing in a beer garden.

5. Snow

Snowball fight
Image source: Mike Laptev
Snowball fights, sledging, snowmen – the possibilities are endless!

With the knitwear sorted it’s time to venture outside into the big white. Snow. White magic that drops from the sky and for half a day takes you back to the fun of childhood. Snowball fights, sledging, snowman-building … the joys of snow are plenty. But come inside before it gets all dirty and slushy.

6. Slipper time

Clifford James Adam Slippers.
Image source: Clifford James
Slip into slippers this winter.

One of life’s pleasures surely has to be putting on a pair of snug slippers after a hot bath and giving your feet some love. Slippers for men or women are essential when there’s a cold draught and the pinkies are turning blue. You cannot reach that level of snug in the summer and flip-flops just don’t cut the mustard.

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