Go go gadget trousers and other wearable tech

Wearable tech
Image source: Family First Life
Combine the two!

Integrating cutting edge technology into clothes and jewellery sounds like the work of top secret boffin ‘Q’ of James Bond fame. But today, technology has never been more wearable.

Here we’ve scoured the Internet for some of most innovative products coming, or about to come to the market.

They don’t explode, burn their way through steel doors or in any other way, help secret agents foil the plots of dastardly megalomaniacs – but they will keep you entertained, and connected in ways never before possible…

Charge your phone in your trousers

Phone Charger Trousers
Image source: Damn Geeky
Designer Adrien Sauvage with business partner and radio presenter George Lamb.

Your smart phone need never run out of juice again with this nifty little piece of clothing technology. Clothes designer, Adrien Sauvage decided to make his designs that little bit more user friendly by stitching a Nokia DC-50 charger into the seam of his latest trousers.

The technology is ‘inductive charging’. An electromagnetic field is used to conduct electricity from one object to another. A coil in the charger transfers electricity to the battery without use of wires. The result: mens cotton trousers will never be the same again! Just slip your phone into the pocket of your supercharged trousers and your phone battery is automatically replenished!

A real invisibility cloak

Invisibility Cloak
Image source: Pixelonomics
A JK Rowling inspired piece of tech clothing!

Ever feel like you’re being watched? With CCTV everywhere, and your smartphone’s GPS tracking your every move, you almost certainly are. But short of throwing your phone in the canal and coming outside only under the cover of darkness, what can you do?

Well when it comes to dodging cameras, short of extensive plastic surgery, there’s little chance of escape from the lens. But just as the invisibility cloak shielded the young wizard, Harry Potter, from prying eyes, metallic fibres woven into this new garment hide your mobile devices from the all seeing Google. But it does look a bit odd.

Compose an email with your ring

Tech Ring
Image source: Cablook
Operate your tablet without touch.

Point and click technology usually refers to something you do with your computer’s mouse, not with your finger. But now a new technological breakthrough looks set to change the way we interact with all sorts of IT devices – offering the potential to free you from your mouse, keyboard and even your tablet or smartphone’s touchscreen.

This very wearable silver ring is packed with technological wizardry. Simply tap the side with your thumb to activate the device, and you’re away. So what does it do? Gesture recognition technology means you can write emails in mid air by waving your finger, operate your computer or tablet without laying a digit on it, pay for goods and services online with a swish of your ring – and lots more.

Workout data from a digital shirt

D Shirt
Image source: Futura Sciences
Want to know your temperature, heart rate, speed and acceleration? Grab one of these.

Feeling sporty? The D Shirt by Cityzen Sciences offers a lot more than the comfort and sweat-wicking ability of stretchy spandex. Sensors woven into the fabric of the sports top feed information to a removable transmitter. The transmitter beams the information direct to your smartphone.

While you exercise, the shirt records your heart rate in real time; GPS tracks your every movement; the accelerometer function notes your pace, and much more. Meanwhile, the app on your phone number crunches the data to providing an intimately personalised training programme to help you maximise your performance. Sounds like science fiction? Designers hope to launch the product later this year.

The smart watch race

Apple Smart Watch Concept
Image source: Tapscape
Artists concept of an apple smart watch.

The battle of the tech giants is a constant struggle for supremacy, and already well underway is a new theatre of war – smart watches. Biometric monitoring, GPS, and even full smartphone functionality are either here already or entering the latter stages of development.

Rumours are rife of Apple’s imminent arrival in the market, perhaps as early as October and Microsoft are thought to have lodged patents for the first totally cross platform smartwatch – also thought to have an October release date. Watch this space!

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