Wear white on white without looking like a cricketer

Man wearing an all white outfit at the beach
The perfect summer style.

It might have strong cricket connotations, but we think an all white ensemble is the best way to stay looking cool during the heat of the Great British Summertime, regrettably no longer a concern for rejected cricketer Kevin Pietersen.

But for the rest of us who will be in the UK this summer, wearing white on white clothes is a good choice. They keep you cool, clean and fresh literally and aesthetically. Yes indeed, white’s a winner so long as you wear the right white clothes and avoid looking like a Colombian pimp or a cricketer.

Here are a few basics to help you feel all right whilst wearing all white to compliment those classy mens deck shoes.

Whiter than white

Man with coffee stain on white shirt
Image source: BlueSkyImage
Don’t ruin the look with a slapdash stain.

If you’re going to rock the all white look then, the first rule is to make sure your outfit is literally all white whilst you’re wearing it. In other words avoid the stains. Stains are your big enemy and they will punish you with public ridiculing. There’s nothing worse than having grass stains on your backside (ha-ha) or breakfast on your collar. So show caution and watch the sauces during lunch and keep alert!

And please wash your whites separately otherwise they’ll fade to grey if you mix them up with other colours and that’s really not as cool as the song.

Considered white

Man wearing white shirt and bow tie outdoors
Image source: Halay Alex
Add a few dapper touchers and it’s the perfect look for a summertime gent.

One of the most important tips on crafting an all-white look is to create clear distinctions between each piece. It’s easier on the eye for everybody. This can be done either by choosing different shades of white (say, eggshell, beige) or by going for different textures or materials. Breaking up your outfit with carefully considered pieces is the white way to go.

Casual white

Model man wearing an all white outfit
Image source: T Anderson
Nothing looks as easy and breezy in the summer.

Wear your whites smart but casually and make sure you have a varied selection in your wardrobe. Invest in a few key pieces such as linen shirts, T-shirts, slim-fit chinos along with a timeless lightweight blazer and you’ll be looking sharp and keeping super cool during those big summer moments.

Sporty white

Andy Murray planing tennis in white outfit
Image source: Debby Wong
Take inspiration from the likes of Murray, then give it a luxe twist.

Tennis, polo and golf wear is highly fashionable whether you play sports or not and white has been an important part of sportswear since the first tennis shirts emerged over 100 years ago.

Source a few polo-type shirts, which seem to be always in fashion, but keep them well ironed and crease-free otherwise for best results. The white crew neck sweater is also a great piece along with some fitted Jersey shorts. But avoid looking like a cricketer!

Stylish white

Man wearing an all white suit against blue sky
Image source: Ysbrand Cosijn
Suitably suave summer style!

When the occasion dictates it’s time to bring out the big whites — the white suit. Stand back everybody! Yes, proceed with caution here otherwise you’ll end up looking like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever or Al Pacino in Scarface.

Make sure your white suit is well tailored and break it up otherwise you’ll dazzle your company (in an annoying way). Break it up by using different shades of white for your accessories like the tie, belt and pocket square. If you get it right, then you’ll be the Don.

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