Ultimate elasticated trousers scenarios

Man piling food onto his plate at a buffet
Pile away, my friend.

It’s a mystery why more people don’t wear elasticated trousers, especially when you consider they are practical, adaptable and pretty darn cool actually.

And unlike some trousers that can’t even leave home without the moral support of a belt, elasticated trousers, can handle all kinds of challenging situations.

Here are just a few scenarios where elasticised trousers come into their own…

A life without braces

Man attaching his braces
Image source: Costin
Free yourself from this.

Braces look cool, but belts are overrated unless you have one of those big buckled ones at the top of your jeans, or you’re a cowboy.

The rest of the time they’re annoying and bland and their only purpose is to keep your trousers up.

Would you buy a jacket that never zipped up or a dog that never fetched?


So just buy elasticated trousers then and avoid revealing too much. Twisted logic, but logic all the same.

All you can eat buffet

So you just so happened to be passing one of those all-you-can-eat-for-£5 buffets at lunchtime.

Well if you’re wearing your elasticated trousers, then you really can eat as much as you want as your elasticated trousers will give every extra cm your waist demands from them. No loosening of belts or ripped fabric at this buffet.

Yoyo dieters

Weight gain man can't zip up trousers
Image source: szefei
He needs some elastic!

Is your weight and waistline constantly shifting? Do you make New Year resolutions to lose weight and then go on a food binge the week after?

Are you succeeding and failing with extra pounds? Fear not.

It sounds like you need a flexible friend to be there during the ups and the downs.

Elasticated trousers will never judge you and will stretch or shrink to every pound lost or cake scoffed.

Easy access

Maybe you have an incredibly weak bladder or you’re just incredibly lazy and disorganized and leave for work with seconds to spare.

Well, you can slip a pair of elasticated trousers on or off in no time at all. No buttons or cords or zips — just on and off and no thinking required. When you’ve got to go …

For sharing

Two friends playing chess outside
Image source: diego cervo
Sharing is caring!

Elasticated trousers are for sharing.

That stretchy waistline will accommodate all shapes and sizes meaning your partner, family and friends can borrow your elasticated trousers if a situation arises.

Like, say, a dog eats their own trousers and they need to borrow something that fits for a while.

Anything to avoid sharing a twosie!

Musical Instrument

Scraping the barrel here, but there’s definitely a twang to be had from giving that elastic a pull, but could you actually bang out a tune? Who knows, but we’re just putting the idea out there for you to try.

Who knows, you may happen to end up in a smoky New Orleans bar after midnight and a bearded man with a guitar shouts out a request for some improvised support using unusual instruments. Stranger things have happened.


Assortment of biscuits in packaging
Image source: homestudio
Purely sugar smuggling.

Nothing illegal here, of course.

But there may come a time where you need to smuggle something like a packet of biscuits from the kitchen to the bedroom as the latest diet isn’t going too well.

That elasticated waist will hold a few packets of sweet things and nobody will be notice, not even the cookie monster.

Get the trousers

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