Summer shoe souls – which one are you?

Summer shoes flip flops
Which is your summer shoe soul?

With summer just over the horizon, now’s the time to be thinking about your footwear for those long summer days.

Is it sandals or slip on shoes this year? Well, don’t decide yet as your choice of footwear could be revealing.

Ever wondered what you shoe choices say about you? Ancient foot whisperers say the summer shoe and the person are but one and share the same characteristics.


Image source: Shevs
Substance > style.

Tried and tested for hot weather, the sandal gets the job done with minimum fuss and has been around far longer than, not just sliced bread, but bread – full stop, so a tad grey around the edges.

A firm favourite of the older generations, the sandal is way behind the times when it comes to current fashion trends, but it’s all about substance over style, especially when accompanied with socks!


Image source: Jeka
Perfect for lazy summer days.

Trainers are cool, relaxed but practical too and like to get involved with physical activities. Some would say they are sporty, but the trainer is quite complex and hard to define. Some don’t even get involved with sports and like to just hang out my friends, go with the flow.


Flip flops
Image source: Hirurg
The ultimate summer shoe?

Easy going, informal and a lover of the coast, the trusty flip-flop loves the summer. Flexible too, the flip-flop fits right in whether it be long days surfing with friends, late night barbecues or even strolling to work. They are such a social animal, that come autumn they’re a little worn out and can sometimes fall apart when the colder and darker nights return.

Leather shoes

Leather shoes
Image source: Alzbeta
Hardworking, but a little fusty for summer.

Strong and stylish the leather shoe makes an effort and won’t let you down. Loyal, hardworking and with a bit of flair, this one adapts to its environment and is equally at ease in the office, in the pub or going for walk. They can be a bit formal sometimes though and get precious about keeping things polished and tidy.


Image source: milosljubicic
Perfect for loafing about it.

The clue is in the name – loafer. Now it’s not that a loafer is lazy, oh no, the loafer is a constructive idler who has created a world that suits them, so quite a smart one this one and it’s quite possible they’re been successful in life. They  prefer to keep things simple and enjoy the good life, but can sometimes be intimidated by hard work so leave that to others.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots
Image source: lzf
The adventurers summer shoe of choice.

Renowned for doing things their own way, the hiking boot is tough, robust and incredibly stubborn. You cannot really tell them what to do as they won’t listen and they love to say ‘I told you so’ in situations like when the sunny weather changes to a freak storm during a walk in the Lake District. Some would call them over-practical, but keep it to yourself unless you want an argument.


Image source: Erlo Brown
Let your inner hippy run free!

Free spirited, unrestrained and open to new experiences. The humble foot grows stronger and wiser every day and has no fear. Though there is an innocence and vulnerability present too and the poor foot sometimes gets hurt and walked over by others. Sometimes it can all get on top of the poor foot and they may sacrifice their freedom for stability.

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