Small-Scale Kitchen Design Ideas for a Spring-Ready Home

Small scale kitchen design ideas
Why not give some of these small scale kitchen design ideas a go to refresh the look of your space?
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Kitchen design doesn’t have to mean a total overhaul of your living space, with weeks using only a microwave while a large-scale refit is installed. Utilising a few small-scale kitchen design ideas is a great way to refresh your home for the new season without having to make major, costly and uncomfortable adjustments to your daily life. Below, we’ve listed a few ways you can do this without breaking the bank.

Utilise your spare tiles

Do you have a few spare kitchen wall tiles from an old project, gathering dust in a spare room? A great small-scale use of tiles is to create your own removable splashback – simply take a piece of MDF and grout your spare tiles onto it, and place behind your hob. Remember, there are no set rules as to what tile pattern you can use – or even if your tiles should match. Just mix them up and see where it takes you. However, we recommend some bold colours to mirror the blooming of nature outside, like yellows and greens to reflect early-spring daffodils popping up.

The big advantage of a splashback like this is that it’s removable – so if you’ve made a bit of a mess in the heat of the moment while cooking, it’s easily washable under the tap.

Welcome the outdoors

If your kitchen is rear-facing and leads out to your garden, you might want to begin blurring the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces. This can be done very easily indeed, and at a very reasonable price. Consider investing in herb plants such as basil and coriander and placing them around the room – don’t be afraid to make them into indoor hanging baskets to give your kitchen a unique and quirky look.

Another way to incorporate nature into your kitchen is through the aesthetic. Try to banish cereal packaging covered in intrusive branding and replace with clip-top mason jars, giving your kitchen a stripped-back feel far from the clamour of the modern world.

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Repaint for an easy renewal

You’ll be amazed what a fresh coat of paint can do to a tired kitchen. Consider investing in a light pastel shade that’s heavily evocative of spring, such as a watercolour green or blue. When combined with a few strategically placed herb plants and daffodils, your kitchen will be in bloom in no time. Just make sure that one colour isn’t too dominant by painting some areas in a crisp white to give the senses a bit of a rest. Consult Good Housekeeping to make sure you don’t make some rookie mistakes when embarking on a kitchen colour change!

Get creative with storage

If you have some bespoke plates or hand-crafted coffee mugs, it makes sense to get them on display. A very quick and easy craft idea for the display of cups or mugs is a mug tree – and there are a number of very chic ones on the market. We’d recommend a natural-look, wooden product if you want something that blends in well with the springtime theme used throughout your kitchen. As for plates, consider removing a kitchen cabinet door to give the space a less restrictive feel. It’s subtle, but it certainly creates the desired effect.

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We hope we’ve left you brimming with ideas for a simple kitchen overhaul for the new season – but the most important thing is to let your creativity do the talking to make a real, lasting impression in your kitchen.

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