Slipper Vs Shoe


Over centuries the protective, paternal shoe and the comforting, maternal slipper have defined their roles along humanity’s great walk.

What would we have done without our sturdy, waterproof shoe friend in the wet and snow of winter? Or truly relaxed our souls and feet without our furry slipper servants? Quite simply some things are best done in the smartness and practicality of shoes and others in the warmth and relaxed nature of slippers.

Photo by Joe Adams Photography

Though hold on a minute … as the world and our habits change, new opportunities are constantly being created for slipper and shoe: opportunities for battles. That’s right there’s a battle being waged between slipper and shoe. Each has their stronghold of things clearly better to do whilst wearing either slippers or shoes: things that cannot be challenged for fear of ridicule. But new activities, owned neither by slipper nor shoe, are popping up daily.

The following examples have been scored accordingly using the S.T.U.F.F scale (Scoring The Use For Footwear). When you’re familiar with the obvious activities to do in slippers or shoes, read on and enter the volatile grounds of the Great War of Slipper Vs Shoe. There is just one rule: don’t underestimate the power of the slipper.

Photo by Caro Wallis

The Job Interview

The job interview belongs to the shiny black shoe. If you’re in any doubt about this then try wearing your animal slippers next time you get to the interview stage.

Shoe 5 Slipper 0



Photo by Yanyin

When You’re a Kid

Kids hate shoes, but love slippers, especially the ones with their favourite characters face’s on the front. Kids and slippers go together like bread and butter, except if the shoe has wheels on it.

Shoe 1 Slipper 5



Photo by Sophie and Cie

The First Date

Unless you’ve fallen in love with a clown, going out on a first date in your slippers suggests that you haven’t made much of an effort and probably prefer being indoors. Shoes win this one hands err, feet down.

Shoe 5 Slipper 0


Photo by David

Lazy Days

The alarm clock takes a day off, the dressing gown puts in overtime and you adjust your mood to chill-axed, dude. Shoes aren’t allowed within twenty miles of lazy days. Thank goodness for slippers.

Shoe 0 Slipper 5


Photo by Giannis Kiratsous

In the Office

For so long the territory of the shoe, the fight for today’s 21st-century office, with all its stress-balls, Apple Macs and feng shui is intensifying. That’s right, nestled under those minimalist workstations and shuffling along polished wooden floors the slipper uprising has started. It’s a matter of time before the majority realize that slippers make sense in the office.

Shoe 4 Slipper 3



Photo by Joel D'Souza


This one’s a bit controversial as the law states the driver of a vehicle must be wearing suitable footwear. But it’s unclear what the best footwear is for driving; the warmth and comfort of the slipper or the sturdy sole (ideal for keeping the accelerator still) of the shoe.

Shoe 3 Slipper 3


Going on Holiday

You don’t have to dress-up when you’re off on your hols. Oh no! If you’re lounging about an airport for five hours and then sitting on an aeroplane for another five hours, slippers are your best option. The shoe has held this one for quite some time and apart from airport queues standing on your feet, or looking good for a business trip, the shoe’s powers are weakening.

Shoes 4 Slippers 5

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