iPhone vs simple mobile phone

iPhone vs simple mobile phone

We live in the technological age — an age where gadgets rule and populations are getting wired, connected or plugged in.

Phones are no longer just phones, but little robot friends that will make sure you know everything you don’t really need to know — if that’s what you’ve chosen.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, here are some questions to consider if you’re planning to buy a mobile phone.

Gadgets galore or time to do more

gadget phone
Do iPhones cure boredom?

Supposedly buying an iPhone puts an end to your boredom, so whenever you’re stood in a queue or riding on a train, you can connect to some application and learn about something random.

But, maybe you’re never bored and maybe you’d prefer to look out the window, read a book or just relax.

Simply connected or completely wired

world wired phone
Simple connection or fully wired?

With the built-in GPS, highly accessible Internet connection and various membership offers, you’ll find it extremely hard to stay unconnected from the net with an iPhone.

Or you may prefer to make a call on a simple mobile phone, hang up and enjoy the great outdoors.

An arm and a leg or cheap as chips

piggy bank
Will your new phone break the bank?

Buying an iPhone will cost you a packet and you’ll probably be locked into a long and expensive contract.

If you just want to spend a few pounds to make phone calls and not have to worry about it going missing, a simple mobile phone won’t worry the piggy bank.

Retro or robotic

simple mobile phone
Clear and simple mobile phone

Is it the high definition display, high tech touch screen and curvy casing of the iPhone you can’t resist?

Or do you prefer the retro functionality, big buttons and uncomplicated display of a simple mobile phone?

Phone home or learn about the universe

simple mobile phone call
Simple call home or mobile disco?

Would you like to make a simple call home without a carnival of flashing lights and sound effects?

Or do you want to be bedazzled with an application about Jupiter’s moons and forget whom you were calling?

Caught in the net or free as a bird

lost time phone
Spellbinding mobile phones

The iPhone is a 21st century book of spells and its greatest trick is to make all your free time disappear into its shiny world.

If you prefer to switch off after a long day, but want to stay connected to family and friends, simple mobile phones are for you.

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