8 Back to school style rules

Follow the rules
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Stick to the rules!

September is upon us meaning the hordes of children are off back to school at last, cue sighs of relief everywhere.

But don’t get too relaxed, as back to school is where we’re headed to explore fashion rules inspired by the best days our lives (apparently).

Here are 8 back to school rules worth following.

1. School blazer

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Go school cool in a smart blazer

If somebody had said your snot-stained blazer from Lowslides Junior would be trendy one day, you’d have had your blazer swapped for a straightjacket! Although slightly parodist, the school blazer, complete with its coat of arms, has actually become a very fashionable item of clothing recently and is gracing the catwalks of the world. This one is directly influenced by school rules. It seems we really do miss the good old school days.

2. Leather shoes

Leather shoes
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Polish for maximum marks

Without a smart uniform and a pair of polished shoes, you won’t be getting into many schools. The same can be said for adult life too, as your name won’t be on the list and you won’t be coming in if you haven’t made the effort, so don’t forget that a good quality pair of men’s leather shoes will always polish your outfit off and open doors.

3. Backpacks

School backpack
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A practical and stylish solution

The backpack has manned up since the days it contained only a sandwich wrapped in foil and an apple for Miss Phillips. These days backpacks come in all shapes, styles and materials and represent the perfect blend of style and function. From ergonomic shoulder straps to laptop protecting gels, there’s a backpack out there that suits you and your needs perfectly.

4. Side parting

Side parting
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Get combing!

You might be forgiven for thinking you’re back in the 1950s at the moment with the amount of young men sporting short back and sides with a perfect side parting. Also a common schoolboy style, this old faithful of hairstyles is pretty slick it must be said. Bring out the Brylcreem baby!

5. Monochrome

Image source: New Fashion Trends
Always a stylish combination.

The white shirt and black blazer combo favoured by many schools has inspired many monochrome moments since when it comes to fashion. Whether you’re playing it safe and going for the monochrome look at a funeral (most do), or fancy yourself as a fashionista and take a few risks don’t forget to send acknowledgments to the head.

6. Smart

Image source: Trendy Lisbon
Take pride in what you wear.

It’s not always what you wear, but how you wear it. And it’s usually worn smart at school, smart and polished to promote self-esteem, integration and unity with your classmates. Whether you prefer jeans and slacks or go for a fully tailored made-to-measure suit, tuck it in, iron it crisply and take pride in your appearance BOY!

7. Spectacles

Image source: Sing A Song
Geek chic!

Sitting at the back of the room wearing thick-framed glasses held together with some masking tape was usually the outcast of the classroom, but not anymore. Geek chic is pretty trendy these days and it seems many hipsters have a pair of nerdy ‘see-through’ spectacles in their lockers, although the masking tape stays in the classroom.

8. Tie

Image source: Trashness
Smarten up pronto with a tie.

Tieing this article up is the humble piece of material that is the symbol for making an effort. The tie is also the nemesis of schoolchildren everywhere and trying to put it on when you’ve only just mastered shoelaces is one of the great growing pains. These days it has broadened its horizons and is commonly used as a fashion accessory to add a classy touch to any outfit.

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