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Smoking a pipe is an enjoyable, relaxing pastime for many men and women. Here we’ve rounded up a blogging community of pipe smokers and enthusiasts to provide you with hints, tips, advice, anecdotes and inspiration.

Rising from the Ashes

Consisting of the ‘Random musings from the smoke filled mind of G L Pearse’, Rising from the Ashes is a collection of thoughts, ramblings and humorous anecdotes. Whilst Pearse meditates on his love of pipe smoking and reviews his favourite tobaccos, he also gives his insight into life in general. Witty and a pleasure to read.

Smoking Pipe Tobacco
Smoking Pipe Tobacco features news and reviews for everything to do with pipe smoking, combined with tips and anecdotes to help you along your way.  There are some useful points to be learnt, even for the most experienced pipe smokers.

The Pipe Smoker
The Pipe Smoker – ‘Smoking his pipe… and pondering on everything’.  This blog was started by a true lover of pipe smoking.  Consists of tips on pipe care and tobacco, as well as his musings on life in general and a collection of favourite pipe smoking quotes.  One for the true pipe enthusiast.

Pipes Magazine
Pipes Magazine is the ultimate source for pipe lovers.  Ask questions or share advice in the forum.  Watch videos from pipe enthusiasts such as Mad Men actor Michael Gladis.  For those who really love pipe smoking there’s even a ‘Pipe Babes’ section…

The Briar Files
A blog based purely on pipes and pipe smoking, The Briar Files features pipe and tobacco reviews, bios on ‘featured pipe smokers’ (both real and fictional) and humorous cartoons and advertisements all about pipe smoking.  It’s a fun, interesting read.

Smokers Blog
The Smokers Blog is an eclectic mix of interesting pipes (check out the Native American Peace Pipe), and pipe and smoking knife reviews.  This is a great visual blog, packed full of interesting photos and unusual pipes.

A Passion for Pipes – Neil’s blog
This is a blog by a real pipe afficiando. Neil Roan features and reviews beautiful vintage pipes, tobacco blends and modern pipe carvers. His authoritative and relaxed writing style displays  years of experience and a great fondness for the beauty of pipes.

The Talbert Pipe Blog
Written by a professional pipe carver, this blog is imbued with the artistry of craft as well as the technical aspects of pipe design and production. Be sure to check out his stunning creations of Goblin pipes, Briars and Ligne Bretagnes.

The Sweetest Smoke
Each Sunday Bob Harrison posts updates from his Saturday excursions to the Tobacco Hut where he and a community of pipe smokers hang out and talk about all things pipe. As much a social commentary as an exploration of new pipes and tobacco blends, it is an addictive tobacco soap-opera.

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  1. My grandfather smoked pipes and I have all of his that he left me these haven’t been smoked in 45 years. I was wondering if these pipes would still be smokable after all these years?

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