5 wacky uses for a log splitter


If you thought log splitters were just for, well, splitting logs then you were wrong. Read on to find out what else you could do with one…

Mad Scientist

Mad scientists could use one, in an attempt to split the atom…

Nuclear fission has some pretty cool uses.  It can power your house, for instance, or blow up a neighbouring country.  And it could all start with a swift blow from the log splitter.


Hairdressers could use one – there’s nothing better for splitting hairs…

Actually, it’s pretty multi-purpose for hairdressers really.  They could use it to get a really straight edge to your fringe.  Or they could use it to split hairs about their latest girly drama.  See, you didn’t realise a log splitter was so adaptable, did you?


Boy bands could use one, next time they plan to split…

It would save all that bickering about who said what, who gets what, who was the worst singer (when we all know they’re just as bad as each other).  Instead it’d be a nice clean cut, straight down the middle.  Job done.



Chefs could use one to make the perfect banana split…

After all, making a perfect banana split is no easy task.  You have to get the perfect bananas, cherries, ice cream, chocolate sauce.  Use the log splitter and… taa daa! … the perfect banana split.


Divorcees could use one, when it came to splitting assets…

Houses, cars, mortgage agreements.  Who gets the children.  Who disowns the rabbit.  All this can be solved with a swift blow from the log splitter, negating expensive legal costs and saving on time and heartache.





You could just use one for splitting wood!

But then that would be boring, wouldn’t it?



Slipper Vs Shoe


Over centuries the protective, paternal shoe and the comforting, maternal slipper have defined their roles along humanity’s great walk.

What would we have done without our sturdy, waterproof shoe friend in the wet and snow of winter? Or truly relaxed our souls and feet without our furry slipper servants? Quite simply some things are best done in the smartness and practicality of shoes and others in the warmth and relaxed nature of slippers.

Photo by Joe Adams Photography

Though hold on a minute … as the world and our habits change, new opportunities are constantly being created for slipper and shoe: opportunities for battles. That’s right there’s a battle being waged between slipper and shoe. Each has their stronghold of things clearly better to do whilst wearing either slippers or shoes: things that cannot be challenged for fear of ridicule. But new activities, owned neither by slipper nor shoe, are popping up daily.

The following examples have been scored accordingly using the S.T.U.F.F scale (Scoring The Use For Footwear). When you’re familiar with the obvious activities to do in slippers or shoes, read on and enter the volatile grounds of the Great War of Slipper Vs Shoe. There is just one rule: don’t underestimate the power of the slipper.

Photo by Caro Wallis

The Job Interview

The job interview belongs to the shiny black shoe. If you’re in any doubt about this then try wearing your animal slippers next time you get to the interview stage.

Shoe 5 Slipper 0



Photo by Yanyin

When You’re a Kid

Kids hate shoes, but love slippers, especially the ones with their favourite characters face’s on the front. Kids and slippers go together like bread and butter, except if the shoe has wheels on it.

Shoe 1 Slipper 5



Photo by Sophie and Cie

The First Date

Unless you’ve fallen in love with a clown, going out on a first date in your slippers suggests that you haven’t made much of an effort and probably prefer being indoors. Shoes win this one hands err, feet down.

Shoe 5 Slipper 0


Photo by David

Lazy Days

The alarm clock takes a day off, the dressing gown puts in overtime and you adjust your mood to chill-axed, dude. Shoes aren’t allowed within twenty miles of lazy days. Thank goodness for slippers.

Shoe 0 Slipper 5


Photo by Giannis Kiratsous

In the Office

For so long the territory of the shoe, the fight for today’s 21st-century office, with all its stress-balls, Apple Macs and feng shui is intensifying. That’s right, nestled under those minimalist workstations and shuffling along polished wooden floors the slipper uprising has started. It’s a matter of time before the majority realize that slippers make sense in the office.

Shoe 4 Slipper 3



Photo by Joel D'Souza


This one’s a bit controversial as the law states the driver of a vehicle must be wearing suitable footwear. But it’s unclear what the best footwear is for driving; the warmth and comfort of the slipper or the sturdy sole (ideal for keeping the accelerator still) of the shoe.

Shoe 3 Slipper 3


Going on Holiday

You don’t have to dress-up when you’re off on your hols. Oh no! If you’re lounging about an airport for five hours and then sitting on an aeroplane for another five hours, slippers are your best option. The shoe has held this one for quite some time and apart from airport queues standing on your feet, or looking good for a business trip, the shoe’s powers are weakening.

Shoes 4 Slippers 5

Model train blogs we love



Creating a great model railway is a huge creative endeavour that requires great skill and planning. True enthusiasts spend hours building and detailing all aspects of the railway’s layout, from weathering locomotives to forming rolling hills.

We’ve created a list of blogs, written by model railway lovers, that follow their creative pursuit to reproduce the railway world in miniature.

Rhyd Ddu

Rhyd Ddu

This blog describes the planning, woodwork and track laying as well as the wiring, scenery, and rolling stock of one man’s recreation of Rhyd Ddu in miniature. A very detailed and thorough record of model railway creation useful to all levels of enthusiast.




The Model Railways of Chris Nevard

The Model Railways of Chris Nevard

Fantastic photos of extremely detailed scenes with advice on creating the perfect layout. See how just a few key changes like swapping high vis jackets for murky blue overalls on model workers and weathering panels on carriages can shift the era of industrial layouts to give you more breadth of design.




Cairns Road Works

Cairns Road Works – Model railway detailing and repainting by Andi Walshaw

Excellent tips and photos on how to weather engines for an authentic look. Posts cover advice on repainting and detailing your model railway from a seasoned model railway artist.






Reviews of model railway shows and exhibitions as well as progress reports on the author’s own model railway projects. There are also posts on the day to day life of a railway modeller including trips to real railways and even reviews of stand up comics.




Model trains today

Model trains today

Top tips on how to improve your model railway, find deals and discounts on modelling gear and stay up to date on new releases of trains and layout parts. Also check out the 7 Model Train Mistakes to avoid and sign up for the newsletter to stay on top of model railway news and events.




A Model Railway - Life in Miniature

A Model Railway – Life in Miniature

David Smith shares videos of his work and the operation of his railways as well as photos of real life steam train sightings. There are also several useful posts on how to make your own DIY 4mm model people.




Model Railways Blog

Model Railways Blog

A relatively recent addition to the model railway blogosphere, this blog mixes advice on planning, building and running your own model railway with posts on real railway memories and modelling nostalgia.




Model train sets blog

Model train sets blog

This blog has lots of videos, reviews and tutorials for the model railway enthusiast. The blog also gives posts on how to build layouts and create scenery as well as sections on model railway FAQs.




Rushby’s Railways

Rushby’s Railways

Learn the ins and outs of batch-building, find out a few tricks of the trade for photographing your trains and follow Neil on his train-faring travels through his model railway blog.




Albion Yard

Albion Yard

This is the blog of the planning, building and operation of the model layout Albion Yard, which has featured in Hornby Magazine and Model Railway Journal. There is also a gallery section with great close-ups of the model buildings and trains.

Did you know…? The history of the Moccasin slipper


Moccasin slipper are hugely popular across the globe, but not many people know about their unique history within Native American culture.

The Native Americans were unbelievably good at recycling and reducing waste. Skilled hunters, they would utilise every possible part of their catch – using the meat for food and the animal skins for clothing. The tough hide, which was too inflexible to make into clothing, would be used to make strong, durable Moccasin slippers.

The humble Moccasin slipper
Moccasins were often beautifully decorated in accordance to tribal customs, using bead-work and fringing to make them original and unique. They were often hand painted as well, depicting scenes from nature in a variety of bright colours. The work of the Native Americans was intricate and distinctive. They were, in essence, the original ‘haute couture’ leather shoes.

Over the hundreds of years that Moccasins have been made the basic, original design has remained the same. They are generally still made out of leather, as they were originally, but the advance in dyes has meant that you can now buy them in a range of bright colours. Another, popular alteration has been to add a fur lining, making Moccasins ideal slippers for the winter months. In addition,

One of the reasons that Moccasins have remained so popular for so long is their ability to mold to the foot, meaning they are warm and snug. Their flat soles and soft leather make them unbelievably comfortable. They simply get better over time, as the leather softens and mold to your foot. A moccasin often ends up being a friend for life.

It is hard to believe that something could have remained so popular for so long, but it is a fact that Moccasins are just as popular today as they have ever been. Perhaps it is all those years of use that has resulted in a slipper that is so comfortable, practical, warm and stylish. Either way, the humble Moccasin is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

The World’s Snuggliest Slippers


Never underestimate the power of your slippers, once said a wise man (who was wearing slippers).

And he was dead right. Slipper-wearers all over the world are feeling the benefits of owning cosy slippers. There’s not a more snugger feeling than squeezing your pinkies into two furry burrows and forgetting about the winter’s night outside. From Argentinean sheepskin to Peruvian llama wool, when it comes to warm feet, slipper-wearers the world over sure take snuggleism seriously. Yes, that’s ‘snuggleism’ (it’s in the Slipper Dictionary).

Or maybe your slippers aren’t that snug? Never mind, the path to snuggleism awaits you … so before your pinkies freeze and drop off, take note of some ancient slipper wisdom. Read on, and be enlightened by the world of slipper luxury.

Peruvian Alpaca / Llama Slippers (photo by ChezShawna)

Peruvian Alpaca/Llama Slippers
It’s extremely cold up in the Andes, but the llama and its furry cousin (the alpaca) are just fine with their thick coats. So the Peruvians keep warm too with handmade alpaca fur slippers. Soft, fluffy and luxurious, these little feet toasters are made from 100% alpaca fur and make everyday feel like summer in footworld.




Sheep’s Wool Slippers

Sheep’s Wool Slippers
From the snow-capped horizons of New Zealand and Argentina to the frosty winter mornings of England, sheep have been lending their woolly locks to shivering folk for centuries. Thick, soft and extremely warm, sheep’s wool slippers are just the job and perfect for dealing with the British cold snaps.



Himalayan Cat Slippers

Himalayan Cat Slippers
We’re going even higher for the next stop on the magical mystery slipper tour. On the roof of the world up in Nepal, feet have to be extra snug, so slippers are made from a range of things including straw and animal furs such as yak, cat and rabbit.




Alaskan Eskimo Slippers

Alaskan Eskimo Slippers
And when it comes to keeping seriously warm, nobody does it quite like the Eskimos. From Siberia to Alaska the freezing far north is home to the royalty of slipper-wearing. Made from durable moose-hides and lined with fur from Arctic rabbit or beaver, Eskimo slippers put the snug into snuggleism.



Though be warned, this kind of warmth isn’t for the rookie snug-seeker. In fact it’s a little too much for our relatively roasting winter shores, so make sure you choose wisely when seeking snug slippers.

Daddy blogs we love


We’ve covered Granny Bloggers and Mummy Bloggers, so it seems only fair that we give all the dads out there a fighting chance! Here we’ve compiled a list of our all time favourite Daddy Blogs – enjoy!

All that comes with it

All that comes with it

This Daddy blogger is a fun read and a busy man. Dan is a father of two children – Amy (6) and Evan (3) and posts about the juggling act of fatherhood. As well as encouraging Amy in swimming lessons and teaching Evan to write, he keep chickens, grows vegetables and works part time as a mental health nurse. Be sure to also have a look at his hilarious Midnight Movie Review podcast.




Single parent dad

Single Parent Dad

This blog follows a young Dad and widower who is also a very straight-talking blogger. Read how he manages half-term with geocaching and fun activities or follow him as he humorously vents spleen about irritating children’s TV characters.





Daddy Dazed

Daddy Dazed

Becoming a father for the first time is a major milestone in every man’s life. For this Dad it has also come from an eventful path of IVF. The story includes embarrassing tales of sperm tests, an agonising countdown to the first pregnancy test and eventually the birth of his first child. You can now follow his musings on being a proud and busy father.



To be a dad

To be a Dad

This Ukulele playing father of 2 shares stories of the games his children create as well as some touching moments from their daily routines. Every post is imbued with great adoration and love for his family, be it retelling the previous evening’s dinner or videos of his children playing together. A must read and a fantastic document of family life.



Bringing up Charlie

Bringing up Charlie

Author and father of two, Tim Atkinson blogs about being a stay at home Dad. Former teacher, Tim also blogs on child education and development including Psychology Fridays where he shares some wisdom on the mental art of parenting.






Dads the way to do it

Dads the way to do it

Paul blogs about being George’s Dad, which can involve differentiating the Queen on the back of a £20 from Nanna, and teaching a one year-old that eggs don’t bounce. There’s also meetings with penguins at the zoo and wrestling with a vacuum – fun and endearing reading from a family man in Coventry.





A dads blog

A dads blog

This Daddy blogger has a toddler and a newborn. He’s happy to share his advice with other Dads and Dads to be, including tips on getting children off to sleep, picking the right pushchair and spotting the tricks of the toddler’s trade when it comes to pulling the wool over their parents’ eyes.




Goodbye pert breasts

Goodbye pert breasts

Both touching and funny, this blog veers from the poignant to the ridiculous. One post details a trip to the hospital for his ill baby to be treated, in which he acknowledges the tears brought to his eyes. Displaying an incorrigible sense of humour, the same post also features pictures of gonad protectors in the radiography department that the author finds amusing.



Like father like daughter

Like Father, like daughter

Through Richard’s blog you can see his daughter’s first steps, their adventures in the snow and how he often gets outnumbered by Mums as a stay-at-home Dad. Father and daughter also go on the political trail together, interviewing politicians for the local paper.





The life and times of a house husband

The life and times of a house husband

This is a blog written by a Dad who is learning to accept life as, in his words, a  ‘housewife’. Former pub landlord, now stay at home Dad, Jamie blogs about his new life as a house husband and father to three children. Be sure to check out the hilarious adventures of George the Guilt Explorer (pictured above), who appears on top of the messes that lazy children leave behind.





Shouty dad

Shouty Dad

Amusing moments of communication-breakdown between toddler and parent feature alongside posts about what not to do when your eyelids are covered in ointment. An excellent story teller with a confident writing style, Shouty Dad is a enjoyable reading.





Clued up dads

Clued up dads

Having blogged the final months of his partner’s pregnancy, this blog now features the musings of a very recent father. In his own words “this blog attempts to separate fact from fiction and highlight what’s worth knowing if you’re about to become, or are already, a dad.”



When daddy gets home

When daddy gets home

Already a father to one, another is soon on its way for this Daddy blogger. Posts are usually themed around photos and ‘Gallery Prompts’ in which we see what the baby has been up too, be it new food discoveries or prolonged bouts of smiling. Alongside this structure are thoughts and descriptions of the often amusing antics of little kids and parents who are sometimes still kids at heart.

Puss in slippers


Cats can be too damn cute, and no more so than when they’re cuddled up in, around or on your favourite pair of slippers.

Check out our picture collection featuring our slipper-clad, furry feline friends.

The perfect disguise
Photo by By Abbamouse
I would like a slipper for every paw and another for my tail, please.
Photo by Meredith P.
Ha! Take that, my evil canine friend!
Whoops - caught pink handed!
Photo by Angela
Slipper, you are my one and only love...
Photo by Sylvia
Phwoar! How can you wear these things?
Photo by Oliver Bruchez
Umm... excuse me? I’m stuck! Hello! A little help here please? Anybody?!

Teddy bear blogs we love

Arctophiles, or bear lovers, are a likeable lot who mix great craft and artistry with affection and good humour. We’ve put together a list of teddy bear collectors, crafters and restorers who also write blogs. By checking out posts you can see their bears, keep up to date on their creations and follow the healing process of patients in their teddy bear hospitals.

eden bears blog
Eden bears give poorly teddy bears a new life
Eden Bears

The author of this blog, Elaine Hirst, creates traditional bears and also runs a Teddy Bear Hospital for restoring bears who have been in the wars. The excellent before and after photos, and the breakdown of what was done, will bring a smile to your face each time a new patient re-emerges from the hospital back in one piece.



three oclock bears blog
3 o'clock bears are fully pampered
Three O’Clock Bears

Bears in period dress, or with coiffured hair, even bears with their own beds and duvets, Three O’Clock bears come in all shapes and sizes. This blog follows their development as well as showcasing the new creations with stunning photos and commentary.




soft toys blog
Soft toys blog for teddy bear news and reviews
Soft Toys Blog

A new edition to the blogosphere, this blog is building up reviews of new bears on the market as well as links to places to buy them. The blog works as an online magazine for sourcing new bears or getting the latest information in a friendly and easy way.




Bearing all blog
A multi award winning Teddy Bear maker Bearing All
Bearing All

Multi award winning Teddy Bear maker and member of the Guild of Master Bearcrafters, Paula Carter’s Bearing All blog documents her life and craft. You can follow her creations from birth to adoption as well as getting an insight into the everyday life of Paula.





bear club
Join the teddy bear clan at Bear Club
The Bear Club

As featured in the Guardian Media Monkey, The Telegraph Online and BBC Radio 1 & 2, the Bear Club is a blogging site for your Teddy Bear. You can create a profile, join a clan, learn about bears and have lots of fun with other bear owning bloggers.




furgotten bears blog
Traditional teddys for modern times at Furgotten Bears
Furgotten Bears

These bears look as if they have a few stories to tell, however they are brand new and handmade by Darren and his wife Jacqui in Macclesfield. Beautiful bears and creatures with a worn look live on this blog until they are adopted by new owners. Truly one of a kind and not to be missed.





michelle's bears
A great collection of bears from all ages at Michelle's bears
Michelle’s Bears

An excellent compilation of posts on collected bears, newly crafted bears and antique bear restoration projects. Michelle has over 20 years of bear making experience and a huge collection to show for it, which you can enjoy here on her blog.





steiff life blog
A Steiff Life documents tales from generations of Steiff fans
My Steiff Life

A blog shrine to all things Steiff from a seasoned collector and Steiff afficiando. My Steiff Life is written by a third generation Steiff collector who previously worked for Steiff, writes on Vontage Steiff and answers your questions on your own collections.





bear treasures blogs
Bear treasures from a teddy bear artist
Bear Treasures

A proud member of the Guild of Master Bearcrafters, Melanie Jayne is a full time Teddy artist. Be sure to check out her creations, like Little Joey and see how she designs and creates bears full of their own personality for the adult collector.



Novelty slippers with personality


Don’t be fooled – the average pair of men’s slippers can say a lot about a chap. So whether you’re a fluffy bunny or a big bad wolf, we’ve taken a look at what your slippers say about you…

Sailor slippers
The Extrovert
Photo by Poppalina
Werewolf Slippers
The Big Bad Wolf
Photo by Phatcontroller
Vegetable Slippers
The Vegetarian
Photo by Pengrin
Dog Slippers
The Dog-lover
Photo by Jonathan Gaskin
Peter Pan Slippers
The Lost Boy
Photo by Ingermaaike
Homer Simpson Slippers
Photo by Stuart Bryant
Cat Slippers
The Feline Fan
Photo by Mark Pether-Longman
Piggy Slippers
The Third Little Pig
Photo by Les Hutchins
Squid Slippers
The Zoidberg
Photo by Aryc Ogre
Angry Fish Slippers
The Computer Geek
Photo by Scott Savage
Cup-cake Slippers
The Cake-lover
Photo by _StefwithanF
Birdfeet Slippers
Big Bird!
Photo by Andy Herd
Sock-monkey Slippers
The Sock-monkey
Photo by Christi
Penguin Slippers
The Ornithologist
Photo by Fling 93
Angry Bunny Slippers
The Split Personality
Photo by Adam "rampage" Meltzer