Our favourite 16 food blogs

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We’ve put together a list of our 16 favourite food blogs.
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Who doesn’t love food? In this modern age there are more ways than ever to find new and exciting recipes to tantalise your taste buds. We’ve compiled a list of our absolute favourite food blogs to get those fingers itching to start cooking.

Whether it’s an interest in thrilling flavours, or something new and enticing to leave your mouth watering – these top 16 food blogs have got it all.

Cate in the Kitchen

Vegan Christmas sandwich
Cate’s vegan Christmas sandwich is one to check out!
Image source: Cate In The Kitchen.

This lovely lady not only comes up with intriguing original recipes (often involving Marmite), but offers pearls of wisdom laced with her unique humour. We highly recommend checking out her hilarious Bake Off Bake Along posts, which will most definitely put a smile on your face. Her food blog, Cate In The Kitchen, includes reviews of restaurants around Brighton too. Good news for all of you vegetarians and vegans – a lot of her recipes are veggie and vegan friendly, so you can adapt anything that takes your fancy to suit your diet! Vegans should definitely take a look at this mouthwatering vegan Christmas sandwich. Make sure to follow Cate on Twitter to find out about her latest blog posts.

Food Glorious Food

Ackee and bacon tart
Charlene’s ackee and bacon tart is the perfect thing to get you started with Jamaican cuisine.
Image source: Food Glorious Food.

The sheer variety of recipes that Charlene has on her blog Food Glorious Food is astounding, covering a vast array of desserts, main meals, yearly themes… You name it, Charlene probably has a recipe about it! In particular, Charlene is passionate about Jamaican food, and loves sharing her favourites – this ackee and bacon tart sounds like the perfect thing to get you started with Jamaican cuisine! Her reviews cover an incredible range of restaurants from across the UK, but are mainly based in Birmingham and London. There’s a lovely homely feel to Charlene’s blog, which helps to show that these are real recipes that you can replicate at home; her brownie pudding is to die for!

Easy Peasy Foodie

Easy Peasy Foodie One Pot Chorizo, Chickpea, and Sweet Potato Stew
Eb’s one pot chorizo, chickpea, and sweet potato stew is the perfect thing to whip up for an evening meal.
Image source: Easy Peasy Foodie.

Eb Gargano aims to create simple dishes you can replicate at home for an easier, quicker cooking experience; her one pot chorizo, chickpea, and sweet potato stew will be the ideal thing to knock together on a weekday evening, and sounds absolutely divine! Not only does Easy Peasy Foodie do what it says on the tin, but Eb has created some delicious recipes that we can’t wait to try! Her bacon and cheese twists will be brilliant for parties, or just to nibble as a treat. Eb also has a section dedicated to general blogging. Here you’ll find handy tips if you’re a fellow blogger, or if you’re interested in starting your own food blog.

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Luxury Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Tobiko
Doesn’t this just ooze luxury?
Image source: Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary.

Not only does Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary have a vast array of luxurious and fun recipes for you to get stuck in to, but a whole range of other exciting content for you to have a look at, too! There are craft tips to check out, as well as a section of Elizabeth’s adventures at home and abroad if you fancy a browse. Elizabeth brings back recipes from her trips around the world, such as this lovely cheesy Aruban Keshi Yena. Or why not try this gorgeous luxury eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and tobiko? You can select recipes via the recipe index based on flavour, dietary requirements, dish, or ingredient. All of these recipes look so professionally done, you can easily be persuaded to try something new and exciting that you haven’t done before.

Fab Food 4 All

Bacon and Potato Layer Bake
Camilla’s blog is full of good, hearty food that will leave your mouth watering!
Image source: Fab Food 4 All.

“No more drab food, only fab food!”, is the motto of Camilla’s Fab Food 4 All blog. Fab food indeed! You can choose a category based on whether you’re looking for a particular dish or ingredient, and explore the extensive recipes that Camilla has archived. The aim of Fab Food 4 All was to document recipes that are well loved and straightforward to make. We can’t wait to try the bacon and potato layer bake – it sounds like the perfect thing to have as a weeknight meal. There are even recipes which are fun to make with children, to encourage a positive attitude towards food. These chocolate pear ghosts in particular look like such a fun thing to try!

Fuss Free Flavours

Beetroot Spaghetti with Scallops
This is one recipe we can’t wait to try!
Image source: Fuss Free Flavours.

The tagline for Helen’s food blog, “affordable eats, occasional treats”, encompasses the whole theme of Fuss Free Flavours. Helen wanted to create a space in which to share healthy, fuss free recipes as an alternative to often more expensive ready meals. Fuss Free Flavours has this down to a fine art; all of her recipes left us salivating! Beetroot spaghetti with scallops is definitely on the list of recipes that we want to try next, looking beautifully vibrant and full of flavour. There are recipes for sweet treats too, but in keeping with Helen’s tagline, to be handled in moderation for a healthy lifestyle. We highly recommend giving Helen’s lemon posset recipe a try!

Greedy Gourmet

Smoked Haddock Remoulade
This smoked haddock remoulade looks like the ideal thing to make for dinner!
Image source: Greedy Gourmet.

One thing that the Greedy Gourmet blog excels at, is catering for an array of different audiences. Michelle knows how hard it is to cater to food intolerances, so adds an alternative suggestion to a majority of her recipes so that you can adapt them to suit you. Even better than that, Greedy Gourmet has a whole section aimed at special diets. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to check out this absolute winner of a blog, wait until you see the tantalising recipes Greedy Gourmet has collated from all manner of inspirations. Her recipe for smoked haddock remoulade sounds like the perfect thing to have for dinner, followed up with her peppermint crisp tart for dessert. If you weren’t already dazzled with Michelle’s brilliant blog, she was also the winner of the first UK Quality Food Blogger of the Year award. Now that is impressive!

Food Urchin

Pearl Barley Risotto with Chard, Mushrooms and Bacon
This recipe for pearl barley risotto with chard, mushrooms and bacon has us salivating!
Image source: Food Urchin.

What really makes the recipes on Food Urchin shine, is the humour Danny Kingston uses in absolutely every post. If you weren’t keen to try Food Urchin’s enticing recipes beforehand, you will be after reading his witty dialogue. Every post has a backstory which piques your interest in what is to follow – if you love having a laugh while looking at recipes and cooking, Food Urchin’s mirth-filled blog is definitely worth a read. Danny excels at writing recipes that use salivating flavours, which will capture your imagination and leave your mouth watering. Take his Madras short ribs with sweet potato dahl for example – this is so easy to picture on your dining room table, that you’ll be itching to prep those ingredients. We’ve been eyeing up the indulgent bacon onion rings, too.

Only Crumbs Remain

Minion Cupcakes
Don’t these look brilliant? Just like their Despicable Me counterparts!
Image source: Only Crumbs Remain.

If it’s a sweet tooth that inspired your baking and cooking experiences, then you need to check out Angela’s blog at Only Crumbs Remain. Though there is a section dedicated to savoury vegetarian recipes, it is definitely the cakes, bakes, and pastries which excel. Every post that is archived on Angela’s blog is quirky and fun, and surely will capture your imagination. Who can say no to raspberry and white chocolate profiteroles? Plus her ingenious Minion cupcakes are the perfect things to get the kids involved with.

Hungry Healthy Happy

Harissa Roasted Chicken
Dannii’s recipe for harissa roasted chicken is the perfect tastier, healthier alternative for your Sunday dinner.
Image source: Hungry Healthy Happy.

You love everything to do with food and getting stuck in with a mixture of your favourite recipes and new food experiments, but are conscious that everything is good in moderation. Hungry Healthy Happy is the ideal food blog for you! Not only does Dannii write delicious healthy recipes, but she focuses on living a happy, healthy lifestyle, too. Using the recipe index, you can choose recipes based on either a particular ingredient, theme, or meal. Why not give her tantalising harissa roasted chicken a go? Her recipe for roasted autumn vegetable salad would go with it perfectly.

The Baking Explorer

Double Chocolate Cheesecake (No Bake)
If this decadent double chocolate cheesecake doesn’t leave your mouth watering, we don’t know what will!
Image source: The Baking Explorer.

Cakes, cakes, and more cakes! The Baking Explorer certainly lives up to its name; the sheer variety of yummy, creative bakes and recipes Kat has included on her blog is impressive! From the more decadent designs such as her double chocolate cheesecake, to these delightful creative cupcakes – her gingerbread ones and snowball cupcakes are particularly adorable! What we particularly loved was the section on The Baking Explorer dedicated to using up leftover ingredients that you’ve bought for a specific recipe. Lemon zest is a great ingredient, but what does the recipe suggest you do with the leftover fruit? Check out Kat’s suggestions.

The English Kitchen

Quick and Easy Bacon and Egg Tarts
These bacon and egg tarts would be a delicious treat!
Image source: The English Kitchen.

“De-bunking the myths of English cookery one recipe at a time,” is the motto to The English Kitchen. Marie came over to the UK from Canada hearing all kinds of horror stories about the quality of British food, only to discover what she’d heard was the complete opposite of what she found. The English Kitchen has a great mix of savoury and sweet recipes to take your fancy, from quick and easy nibbles, to more inventive delights. We recommend giving her spicy sausage, peppers and rice recipe a go, and follow it up with a beautiful cheese tray. A handy thing that Marie adds to all her posts is a word count, and a rough estimation of how long it will take you to read through it. You instantly know whether it’s going to take you a quick five minutes browse to read a recipe, or whether it’s one to save to have a gander at later on in the evening.Marie has recently had a cookbook published too!

The Little Loaf

Feta and Thyme Soda Bread
There’s many an inventive bread recipe in Kate’s recipe archive!
Image source: The Little Loaf.

If the recipes included on The Little Loaf’s blog don’t make you nostalgic for some good home made baking, we don’t know what will. Every post Kate writes is delightfully autobiographical before she delves into her deliciously tempting recipes. You can’t help but be infused with a feeling of warmth reading through each post.In case you hadn’t already guessed it, Kate loves her bread, as can be seen in her extensive recipe list. Her feta and thyme soda bread has certainly got our taste buds tingling, and we’re definitely going to be giving her salted chocolate chip cookies a whirl. We’re sure you’ll find something that captures your desire to bake here on The Little Loaf!

The Petite Cook

Winter Quinoa Salad
Andrea’s healthy, scrummy recipes are definitely worth a look!
Image source: The Petite Cook.

The Petite Cook is the home to Andrea Soranidis’ food experiments – Andrea’s recipes are inspired by her Italian heritage, as well as various foodie adventures that she’s had. Why not give her winter quinoa salad a go? Or if you prefer a more meatier alternative to your dishes, her recipe for barley pea pesto salad has some delicious prosciutto included.If you have any particular allergies or food intolerances, The Petite Cook can help suggest some alternative ingredients to suit your diet, depending on the recipe you want to try. There’s definitely something on The Petite Cook to leave you feeling inspired to try something new, no matter what your tastes are!

Tinned Tomatoes

Vegan Sausage Birra
If you’re stuck for new vegan or vegetarian recipes, Jacqueline is the expert you need to look to.
Image source: Tinned Tomatoes.

Jacqueline at Tinned Tomatoes has created the perfect home for all manner or vegetarian and vegan recipes. There’s a mix of sweet and savoury recipes to suit whatever meal you’re looking for, with some ingenious twists to make your meals more exciting. Her best ever vegan sloppy joes recipe is more than enough to tempt you to the kitchen, and why not follow it up with this delightfully indulgent chocolate cake with coconut whipped cream? For meat and fish eaters, you can easily adapt recipes like Jacqueline’s vegan sausage birra by swapping out the vegan sausages for your favourite meatier alternative.

Top With Cinnamon

Mushroom and Sage Butter Gnocchi
This mushroom and sage butter gnocchi is a brilliant recipe to quickly whip up in the evening.
Image source: Top With Cinnamon.

This very talented lady is already the author of two cookbooks at the tender age of 21, and also juggles life as a full time student! Don’t mistake her youth for inexperience – as well as studying Food Science & Nutrition in uni, she regularly updates her blog, Top With Cinnamon, with a whole wealth of delicious recipes. “My aim is maximum flavour for minimum effort, without breaking the bank,” is the motto on her latest cookbook; just from looking at all of her delicious recipes we can certainly attest to that manifesto! There’s a spark of originality to all of Izy’s posts: from this delightful twist on a classic Caesar salad, to this absolutely divine quick recipe to knock up in the evening.

No matter what kind of recipes you’re after, whether you’ve got certain dietary requirements you need to stick to, or you struggle to find recipes to suit your tastes, this list of our top 16 favourite food blogs has got you covered. Even if you just like staring at the tempting photos that accompany each recipe, you’re completely spoilt for choice with this lovely lot!

All this talking about food has made us hungry…

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