No socks for summer

Bare feet
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Sockless style

Tempted to go sockless this summer? Go for it!

Where men’s shoes are concerned, the bare ankle is one of the coolest fashion trends around.

But as with all crazes, there’s a way to go about ditching your socks; not all shoes look good without them, and when it comes to turning up your turn ups, how many turns is the right number? And then of course,  as well as looking the part, you’ll want to smell the part too!

Here’s our guide to a hosiery-free summer…


No sock shoe fashion
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Make a sockless statement this summer.

For one thing, it feels good. A gentle breeze caressing the bare skin of your lower leg does wonders to cool you down in the heat of a hot summer’s day.

But the real reason to go without your socks is to accentuate the impact of the shoes you’re wearing. Yes, the shoe is the star – so make sure you have a decent pair. Dilapidated workwear isn’t good enough; if that’s all you have, it’s time you went shopping.

Which Shoes

Sockless shoe fashion
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Pick the right shoe for you.

No hard and fast rules here because what suits one, doesn’t suit all. But as a rule of thumb, match your shoes to the rest of your look. Suit trousers go beautifully with brogues, loafers and moccasins with chinos, or choose to wear jeans with your boat shoes.

That said, boat shoes also look good with chinos and brogues with jeans – the answer is to experiment. Work out what works for you and go with it.

Turn it up

Turn up jeans and no socks
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How far should you turn?

Ankles only gents. If you like to flash a bit of shin, invest in a pair of shorts. A well displayed ankle looks great with shoes – but start rolling your trousers up too high and you’ll look like you’re preparing to ford a river.

The only time it’s fine to turn trousers right up to the knee is when you’re holding hands with the love of your life and wading through the shallows of a tropical lagoon. Then it’s a case of bare feet and footprints in the sand; whoever said romance is dead?

Invisible socks

Invisible Socks
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Sockless we may be, but who wants sweaty feet? Invisible socks are a wonderful invention so make good use of them. But in case your shoes are low cut, and you can’t, a liberal sprinkling of talc will help, as will airing your shoes in between wearings.

In fact without socks to soak up moisture, it’s even more important to ‘rest’ your shoes because damp leather deteriorates. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes for more than a day or two without stuffing them with newspaper and giving them a day – or as long as it takes – for them to dry out. At this stage, you might also consider investing in a quality shoe deodoriser…

Happy feet

No sock shoe style
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Take care of your bare feet.

If you plan on going sock free, it pays to take good care of your feet. Leather shoes can give you blisters that’ll drive you hopping mad. Protect bare feet with a dab of vaseline where your shoes rub, or alternatively, pre-empt friction by protecting vulnerable areas with blister plasters.

You’ve heard the expression a stitch in time…it’s a good philosophy. To enjoy your sock free summer to the max, our advice: run with it.

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