Most stylish potential PM?

Live TV Leaders Debate
Whose the best dressed of them all?

There’s been quite a fuss in the UK after the debate between the main 7 political parties was televised live to an audience of over 9 million people. Not bad.

But more importantly, David Cameron was recently spotted wearing Chelsea boots. Now that’s what we call news! Is DC actually quite stylish underneath all the drab-no-longer-current-moans about the economy?

Well let’s take a closer look at him and the leaders of the other main parties and ask: who is the most stylish (potential) PM?

David Cameron – Conservative

David Cameron
Image source: Drop of Light
“What? Samantha said this was very ‘now’!”

For a minute we were fooled after seeing him with the super stylish Chelsea boots, but actually DC is all about economizing when it comes to fashion. In his own words, he isn’t really interested in being fashionable and is happy to wear clothes that are chosen for him by his wife.  So he’s often seen in jeans, casual shirts and loafers/sandals when holidaying in Cornwall.

Style summary: bland and dressed by his wife. Say no more.

Ed Miliband – Labour

Ed Miliband
Image source: Cooperman
Jazzing things up with a jaunty tie!

Big Ed is not going to get left behind in the cool and casual ratings and has adopted a style very similar to DC. In fact it’s almost the same as both leaders were spotted the day after the live debate sporting a very similar blue shirt and black jumper combo, although Big Ed was definitely the more casual by adding blue jeans as opposed to DC’s chinos. He also likes his Derby style shoes. Is he secretly a hipster? Err … NO.

Style summary: Lacking flair, but not bad really. Not bad so long as you didn’t copy Cameron’s wife and actually dressed yourself.

Nick Clegg – Liberal Democrats

Nick Clegg
Image source: World Economic Forum
Feeling blue, Nick?

He speaks Spanish and is married to a very stylish lawyer, so Liberal Nick is surely going to dress like a modern and successful man right? Well he did once change his outfit four times during one day, so he’s certainly conscious about how he looks.

But like the other two, Nick keeps it casual and opts for chinos and shirts and jumpers. He does wear his clothes a little better if you know what we mean and is less laboured than Ed and more open collared than DC.

Style summary: A bit like DC, but more relaxed and not afraid to change his style if under pressure.

Nigel Farage – UKIP

Nigel Farage
Image source: David Muscroft
Nigel embraces both spots and stripes and they work together very effectively.

With a dress style that has been described as ‘fuddy-duddy’ Nigel Farage has a most eccentric style that is very independent to the usual sensible dress codes adopted by other parties. He dresses like the Lord of the manor and resembles an eccentric and slightly bonkers aristocrat with his window-pane check tweeds and mustard corduroy. It’s a nostalgic style that hints at a more glorious and patriotic Great Britain. Ooo clever Nigel!

Style summary: Do you really want a man that wears mustard-coloured cords to lead you?

Natalie Bennett – Green

Natalie Bennett
Image source: Edinburgh Greens
Not one to throw away a top just because the colour matches an opposite party!

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett is a former journalist for The Guardian newspaper, which makes her super lefty. Her sense of dress on the other hand is quite conservative. Natalie likes her long, smart jackets and plain tops but her style does appear to be quite consistent whether she’s at work or not. So maybe somebody you can trust not to do a Cleggy and change the colour of her clothes when the going gets tough.

Style summary: Unspectacular but does the job. Bit like an eco-friendly Volvo.

Leanne Wood – Plaid Cymru

Leanne Wood
Image source: Plaid Cymru
Manages to look both patriotic and professional.

Leanne was dressed very well during the 7-way political debate and wore an eye-catching patriotic-red dress and fitted black cardigan that gave her a look verging on Rockabilly; fairly brazen in the frumpy world of politics. Nicola looked great and her outfit was both modern and vintage and represented Wales very well.

Style summary: Looked great, but was she a bit too party for a party political debate?

Nicola Sturgeon – SNP

Nicola Sturgeon
Image source: Ninian Reid
An independent dresser.

Many thought that Nicola stole the show during the live debate and a popular search phrase on Google afterwards was ‘Can I vote for SNP?’. It seems like this leader made an impression. Her look on the night was okay with a fitted skirt suit. It’s rumoured that she has hired a personal shopper and stylist in recent years after being referred to as a dead ringer for Angela Merkel in 2001.

Style summary: Strong and to the point.

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