Did you know…? The history of the Moccasin slipper


Moccasin slipper are hugely popular across the globe, but not many people know about their unique history within Native American culture.

The Native Americans were unbelievably good at recycling and reducing waste. Skilled hunters, they would utilise every possible part of their catch – using the meat for food and the animal skins for clothing. The tough hide, which was too inflexible to make into clothing, would be used to make strong, durable Moccasin slippers.

The humble Moccasin slipper
Moccasins were often beautifully decorated in accordance to tribal customs, using bead-work and fringing to make them original and unique. They were often hand painted as well, depicting scenes from nature in a variety of bright colours. The work of the Native Americans was intricate and distinctive. They were, in essence, the original ‘haute couture’ leather shoes.

Over the hundreds of years that Moccasins have been made the basic, original design has remained the same. They are generally still made out of leather, as they were originally, but the advance in dyes has meant that you can now buy them in a range of bright colours. Another, popular alteration has been to add a fur lining, making Moccasins ideal slippers for the winter months. In addition,

One of the reasons that Moccasins have remained so popular for so long is their ability to mold to the foot, meaning they are warm and snug. Their flat soles and soft leather make them unbelievably comfortable. They simply get better over time, as the leather softens and mold to your foot. A moccasin often ends up being a friend for life.

It is hard to believe that something could have remained so popular for so long, but it is a fact that Moccasins are just as popular today as they have ever been. Perhaps it is all those years of use that has resulted in a slipper that is so comfortable, practical, warm and stylish. Either way, the humble Moccasin is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

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