Want a mobile phone that’s easy to use?

CJ simple mobile phone
The Big Button Mobile Phone from Clifford James
Mobile phones have been with us since the early 1980s. Once seen as an expensive (and rather weighty) luxury, they have increasingly become an essential part of every day life.

The lure of being able to stay in touch whilst on the move has proven so compelling that over 6 billion people now own some kind of mobile phone.

Too much technology?

As technology has improved, however, mobile phones have become more and more complex. Anything digital seems to be crammed in – cameras, the internet, email, music players, bluetooth, wireless access – the list is almost endless.

But what about those of us who require a simple, easy to use, big button mobile phone? Something that lets us use the basic features without getting bogged down in technical complexity?

The good news is that simple mobile phones can be found here at Clifford James. Simple mobile phones let you make calls and send SMS text messages. Our most popular easy-to-use mobile phone is the mini simple mobile phone. This phone is perfect for those with limited vision or dexterity, and especially for elderly people.

These phones are the perfect size to be held comfortably, without being awkward to use or carry.

Simple mobile phone features

Mini simple mobile phones include:

• Large buttons that are easy to see even if you have a visual impairment
• A large, easy to read screen
• Extra loud ringers (with a visual ringing alert) to ensure you don’t miss a call
• A useful inbuilt torch
• A proper charging dock, so you always know where to find your simple mobile phone

Switching sim cards

The great thing about these simple mobile phones is that they are fully compatible with most existing sim cards. If you’re struggling with your current mobile and decide to switch to a mini simple mobile phone, it’s a simple matter of transferring your existing sim card.

So, if you find yourself not using all the bells and whistles of your current mobile and are desperately seeking a simpler solution, a big button mobile phone may well be ideal for you.

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