Why men get more stylish with age

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Effortlessly stylish…

It’s not just fine wine that gets better with age – the style and sophistication of a man often matures and improves over time.

With modern trends coming and going, quickly changing on what feels like a daily basis, it is the gents who stick to the style they know who stand out from the crowd.

Traditional tailoring

While the younger generations of today are often compelled to buy suits from the hanger in the most ‘trendy’ high street store, these are often ill-fitting, cheap-looking and lack quality. A perfectly tailored suit is a sure fire way to look dapper, and is a style that older men have down to a T. Choosing a tailor you trust is a great way to cement this look, as it will ensure your classic suit-style is consistent. To add a flash of colour to a classic suit, a patterned pocket square or bright colour block tie will allow you to update your style each day.

Penny for them

There is massive range of classic and timeless mens shoes available on the market that will evoke a solid sense of style at any age. A traditional penny loafer will never go out of style and can be worn in a number of different colour palettes and fabrics. In style this season, are oxblood leather offerings, but feel free to play around with suede styles and bolder colour options. A punched brogue style in a brown or black is also a timeless shoe for any occasion or generation.

Silver fox your locks

It’s great to see that silver haired gentlemen are fast becoming style icons. With the likes of Larry Lamb and Bill Nighy leading the way, we’re suddenly seeing the younger generations embrace (or even fake) going grey! Creating a distinguished, sharp style, greying tresses shouldn’t be neglected. Using a simple wax or mousse product, men can tame their hair and ensure it looks stylish throughout the years! Alternatively for those bad hair days, or rainy days, there are a number of different hats from the pork pie to the trilby which will always be on trend.

Ample accessories

A knack with accessories is another way in which the older gentleman excels. For instance, reviving the traditional pocket watch is a practical and fun way to revive a less exciting outfit. Likewise, braces have made a comeback in recent years, and are a classic style that brightens up an ensemble. While a classic, neutral colour palette is certainly timeless, using pops of colour in your accessory choices is a great way to look fly over fifty.

A knack with knits

With the temperatures suddenly dropping, the older gentleman is never afraid to layer. Teaming a classic knitted sweater with a tailored blazer and wind-proof overcoat, a man can look stylish as well as warm. A cable knit jumper will add texture teamed with a cotton shirt. Alternatively, a woolen cardigan is also a great way to wrap up this winter. Wool is a timeless fabric that has played a role in all men’s wardrobes, so with this in mind, don’t be afraid to add a wooly scarf or bobble hat to keep snug.

Creating a classic uniform, or ‘second skin’, a lot of older men seem to have the sense when it comes to style. Knowing the shapes, patterns and colours that suit will go a long way in the fashion game and will eventually mean that style comes as second nature in your older years. The men who adopt their go-to style from an earlier age will find themselves in a fashion-forward place for years to come.

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