Master the tools of the kitchen this Christmas

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Get the kitchen tools right, cut out the stress, enjoy!

The festive season is here. With that comes family, gifts, and a lot of cooking!

There’s no need to get stressed when it comes to wining and dining your guests. With the right Cooks Professional kitchen gear, you can effortlessly prepare, cook and serve a delicious feast.

Grub’s up!


ceramic knives
Ceramic knives are a great choice

To begin with, you want to make sure you have a quality set of knives. It is not only easier to cut your potatoes and cross your sprouts, but it is safer. If you’re using a blunt knife, you need extra force to make the cut. This means you have less control over the movement. One slip, and you risk losing a finger to the vegetable pot!

If you hate peeling potatoes, are really pressed for time, or find it difficult for any reason, try an electric potato peeler. Simply drop the spuds in the bowl, with a little bit of water, and the scarifying barrel will get to work.

Tip: to save time on Christmas day, do your veg prep the day before. Just pop the veg in some water to stop discolouration


large oven roaster
A large oven roaster is a must for any Xmas chef!

A large roaster at Christmas, is a good roaster at Christmas. If, like so many budding chefs across the country, you’ve gone a bit mad, and ordered a turkey the size of a house, then it’s nice to know you have somewhere to cook it.

Likewise, if you’re a fan of proper homemade roast potatoes, you’ll need something substantial to cook them in.

It doesn’t matter if you are cramming a bird into the oven, or cooking a delicious nut-roast, you’ll need a pair of heat resistant oven gloves to protect those fingers and avoid any Christmas day accidents!

Tip: if you parboil your potatoes before roasting, toss them around to make jagged edges. They’ll turn into lovely crispy bits your guests will love.


meat slicer
Carving made easy!

The carving of the turkey can be a momentous occasion. The crisp skin, the juices running wild. But the ham is less of an event. So, to get a professional looking cut, and to stop arguments about who has the biggest slice, use a meat slicer. It will save time, and save stress.

If you have a small kitchen, or want some help with your turkey too, then a meat slicer might not be for you. An electric knife however, will save you time, and make carving the turkey look effortless.

Tip: once you have removed the turkey from the oven, leave for 20 to 30 minutes. This allows the juices to saturate the meat.


buffet warmer tray
Don’t serve cold sprouts!

Keeping all that lovely food at a suitable temperature can be a nightmare for any host. Gravy only goes so far in warming your meat, and no one wants to be going back and forth to the kitchen to heat things up. So do yourself, and indeed your guests a favour, and invest in some buffet warmer trays.

For cheese lovers, presentation and ceremony are important. So don’t simply toss a few hardened lumps of cheddar onto the breadboard with a butter knife. Take pride in how you present your dairy based treats, offer a selection of hard, soft and blue cheeses. Compliment your selection with the right tools and platter, like a quality cheeseboard and knife set.

Tip: get your cheese out of the fridge around 30 minutes before serving to maximise flavour.

One final tip…

We can’t help your family get along, and we certainly can’t help with the quality of gifts, but we hope our suggestions will give you one less thing to worry about. Dinner should go off without a hitch…just don’t burn the bird!

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