How a log splitter can rekindle your love life

Summer may be at an end, but you don’t have to pack away your romance with the beachwear.

With the colder weather there’s ample opportunity to get cosy with somebody special in front of an open fire. And with the swift onset of winter now’s the perfect time to get chopping wood.

Beware though, as the ‘lumberjack with bad back’ image is not so attractive. Here’s how to do it proper.

Splitting logs

log splitter lover
Impress your lover with a log splitter

Forget working up a sweat playing the lumberjack, cool guys bring out their power tools and go large on the firewood. If the brutal efficiency and speed of a log splitter doesn´t impress your lover, then surely the time saved for extra loving will.

Rekindling the atmosphere

fire lighting
Ignite your love fire, before the magic moment fades

There’s nothing worse than not being able to get the fire started. So rather than huffing and puffing while your lover nods off, make sure you take precautions and have some kindling and firelighters at the ready.

Crank up the heat

open fire place
Crank up the heat with a real fire

You’ll obviously need a place to start a fire and the king of sizzle has to be the traditional open fireplace. Or how about the flexible wood burner, which can be fitted to all manner of places from motorhomes to cosy cabins. Just don’t forget to clean your chimney.

Furry friends

pug rug
Nothing can resist a soft rug, or pug.

Guaranteed to raise the cosy stakes is a soft sheepskin rug sprawled out in front of the fireplace. Nobody can resist relaxation when a sheepskin meets a fire (including dogs and cats).

Satisfying nibbles

Handmade chocolates box
Sweet nibbles

Don’t forget to stock up the fridge with a little food and drink. No need to go mad, just a bottle of wine and some finger food. And whatever you do, do not forget a sweet dessert for afters.

With all of the above taken care of, it’s time to work your romantic magic and crank up the heat.

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