Halogen ovens and other cool halogen stuff

Halogen has sneaked into our vocabulary without anybody noticing and suddenly there’s a whole host of very cool halogen products about.

Well actually they’re a lot hotter than the competition. Halogen products contain halogens: a group of five highly reactive elements. And when one or more of these elements are exposed to certain things like inert gases, things get seriously heated. Meaning there’s some great halogen products out there to light the way.

Clifford James Halogen Oven

Halogen oven

Imagine a product that could roast a chicken in 20 minutes, grill your food golden brown, take up as much space as a blender and save energy too. The halogen oven is exactly that. The oven is a large Pyrex-type bowl with a lid housing an halogen element and fan. Inside a circular filament certain halogens are mixed with an inert gas to produce instant, intense heat. A brilliant innovation, which is revolutionizing the way we cook food.

Photo by Meghana Kulkarni

Halogen Vehicle

The halogen powered car hasn’t been invented yet (maybe one for the future), but there’s few things out there that use halogen lights to light up those dark nights. With increased night-vision and safety, halogen lights are the bright future for cyclists. Powered by a rechargeable battery or dynamo, a small halogen light the size of a Walnut Whip can produce serious light.

Photo by Alan

Halogen heater

If a halogen oven can roast a chicken in 20 minutes then it’s no surprise halogen heaters like it hot. As air passes through the heater’s oscillating system it is instantly heated and propelled in a broad arc around the room. Halogen heaters produce more heat quicker and distribute the hot air evenly around a room. They tend to be more expensive than other portable heaters, but they come with increased durability and safety features and are cost effective in the long run.

Photo by Thomas Mathie

Halogen torch
Everybody loves a torch, but make sure you have the brightest torch in the village and get yourself a halogen torch. Light up the whole forest, redirect air-traffic and lead all your friends into the darkest places in the world (if you can be bothered). Some of these are brighter than 10million candles. Wow!


Photo by F. A Fruitbasket

Halogen security spotlight

Everybody wants a halogen gadget, so make sure yours are well protected with the halogen security spotlights. If anything bigger than a mole moves past your cabbage patch, they’ll be bathed or melted by a light so bright they’ll think the sun has come up early. If you’re going to do it right, then do it halogen. It’s time to see the light.

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