7 crazy uses for a foot massager

Foot massager
Foot massagers have so much to offer

The bubbling bath of bliss commonly known as the foot massager is truly misunderstood.

When it isn’t massaging the soles of aching feet, it tends to get stored away in dark cupboards or forgotten about. Especially in those households low on imagination.

If only they knew what a foot massager could really do …

1. Hamster jacuzzi

Most hamsters are on the verge of insanity after running around a wheel that never gets them anywhere, so their own hamster jacuzzi would be welcome relief. Let’s hear it for the furry fellas.

foot massager for hamsters
Relief for your furry fella

2. Automatic vegetable washer

Next up it’s time for some vegetable love. Forget scrubbing the mud off your spuds and carrots, simply pop them in the foot massager and ten minutes later they’ll be spotless.

3. The sounds of the Amazon – portable atmosphere enhancer

Drown out the sounds of traffic and neighbours with the amazing portable atmosphere enhancer. Just fill it up with water, close your eyes and hear the rushing torrents of the Amazon right in your living room.

foot massager atmosphere
Amazonian atmosphere

4. Cream whipper

Whipping cream can be hard work and lets face it — only losers spend 20 minutes whipping. Simply bring out the foot massager and fill it with the white stuff and you’ll have your dream cream in no time. Try it with cake mix too!

5. Luxury egg boiler

Would an egg taste better if it was allowed to relax a bit before being boiled slowly in a foot massager? Only one way to find out.

egg massage
Massage your egg to perfection

6. Aqua bingo machine

Water aerobics and bingo have a huge following with the fairer sex; well guess what, the two can now be combined for ultimate fun. Just fill up the foot massager with tiny inflatable bingo balls, wait for it to mix them all up under water and let aqua bingo commence. Eyes down …

7. Goldfish trainer

Let’s face it, goldfish are bone idle. They just doss about in the same small bowl and have become so lazy that they can’t even remember what they were doing five minutes ago. It’s time to bring out the foot massager and get those fish really swimming.

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