Five cheeky places to use a foot massager

There’s nothing more satisfying after a hard day’s graft, than to take off your shoes and put your pinkies inside the gurgle pleasure dome – known as the foot massager.

Just lay back and give in to the mini foot jacuzzi in the comfort of your own home. Oh … if only you could take your foot massager everywhere with you. Well, hold on just a bubbly minute because you can. It might be a little cheeky to start up the gurgle machine sometimes, but you won’t know til you try.

Here’s a few suggestions to get you started, and remember: where’s there’s a plug, there could be a gurgle.

Photo by umjanedoan


The citadel of Shhhhh, the library is the place where quietness lives. Mobile phones must be turned off, voices lowered and foot massagers … well, it says nothing about foot massagers in the library rules. So, find yourself a nice book to read and go and plug-in somewhere out of the way behind a large bookshelf. Stay away from the children’s section though as the nippers tend to think it’s a paddling pool and all hell breaks loose.

Photo by Charles Roffey


Window seat. Packed lunch. Flask of tea. Feet massaged all the way to Birmingham New Street. The perfect way to see the English countryside. What’s more, with all the screaming kids, Tannoy announcements and general chaos of economy, nobody will notice your sweet gurgling friend.


Photo by Photocapy


It’s great going to the cinema ain’t it? You can’t beat the big screen, popcorn and Dolby digital sound. In fact that sound is so loud these days that nobody will notice the hurge-gurgle coming from under your chair, or will they? They might hear a gentle splashing of water when there’s an intense love scene, but they won’t question it for fear of looking silly. And if Titanic is showing, you’ll only add to the atmosphere.

Photo by Sarah


This obviously depends on what job you do. And if you have a plug by your feet. The office is a winner, but try not to fall asleep when you’re on the phone to somebody important. If you’re a pilot you’re good to plug in at 25,000ft and receptionists all over the world should plug in, relax and smile.


Photo by sharyn morrow


Ever tried group foot massaging? Didn’t think so. Well it’s easy. Go to your favourite nightclub with your friends. Order loads of drinks, conquer a table and plug-in all night long baby. For the rest of the night you’re free to dance, be merry and take turns to have a go with the foot massager. With the right type of music and atmosphere, the foot massager will blow your mind.

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