Festival footwear for men

Image source: Treetown Festival
Get the right kicks for your festival.

It’s summertime and that means festival season.

Deciding what to pack can be tricky when who knows what the British weather will throw at you.

Thank heavens for our guide to festival footwear for men – something to make life a little easier.


Image source: Marie SocialWellies are a festival footwear staple.
Image source: GBC Mag
Wellies are a festival footwear staple.

Wellies have to be the festival footwear staple. Whether you go bright or classic, cheap or classy, wear wellington boots to a festival and you will never feel out of place. They’re great in the (almost) inevitable mud and pretty light to carry – even if they are fairly bulky. They also protect your toes from crowd-related squashing.

But, and this is a very large but, spending hours on end tightly enclosed in plastic is not the best thing for your feet. They’re going to get hot. They’re going to get sticky. And they’re going to hate you for it.


Image source: Unexpected FarmerFlip-flops and mud were never the best of friends.
Image source: Herding Cats in Hammond River
Flip-flops and mud were never the best of friends.

These flighty numbers are uber versatile, coming in a massive array of colours and patterns. They are also lightweight to pack and will keep your toes lovely and cool if your festival weekend is blessed with sunshine.

But a pedicure is compulsory if you’re going to let it all hang out in the foot department. And, if it rains, your flip-flops are likely to spray-paint your rear with mud and then part company with your feet in a boggy bit of the festival field.


Socks and sandals
Image source: Tony Alter
Socks and sandals – never a good look.

Like flip-flops, sandals will keep your tootsies cool. The addition of straps mean there’s more chance of them staying put if it’s muddy. They are also more comfortable than flip-flops, giving your soles extra cushioning and your feet better support.

Unless you’re a catwalk model or David Beckham, don’t attempt the socks + sandals look, it’s bound to end in disaster. And be prepared to suffer some degree of foot-crushing when you clash with the heel of a welly boot (or worse) in the fray.

Walking boots

 Image source: The Outdoor DiariesPack plastic bags for those soggy boots.
Image source: The Outdoor Diaries
Pack plastic bags for those soggy boots.

If you choose to wear walking boots to your festival, you can be sure that your feet will be comfortable in the long hikes between the stage, the beer tent and your camp. Plus, they will protect ankles from any leaping-about-induced-injury.

But walking boots can be hot, bulky and heavy – especially when they are caked in festival mud. They are not always completely waterproof, so you might end up with soggy feet. And do you really want to waste time tying those long, long laces when there are so many better things you could be doing?


Image source: Clifford JamesWould you muddy up your mules?
Image source: Clifford James
Would you muddy up your mules?

Mules give you the best of both worlds. They let a little air get to your feet whilst protecting stomped-on toes. They are extremely comfortable – take our mens mule slippers for example. And they cover up a multitude of foot-related sins.

Sure, your toes may get a little warm if it’s a hot day, but nowhere near as hot as they would in boots. As with any slip-on shoe, you’ll have to pay attention if it’s muddy or the field might claim your shoes and leave you barefoot.

Whatever the weather, we wish you a fantastic festival season. Put a little thought into your festival footwear and you’ll have a spring in your step all weekend long.

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