Famous potatoes that escaped the peeler

You fry them, mash them, boil them and bake them, but what about the ones that escaped the potato peeler?

Well some became celebrities. And here is our list of the most famous potato inspired characters of all time.

Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato head with box
The Godfather of Potatoes
Source: Talking Points
D.O.B: 01/05/1952

Type: King Edward Potato

Bio: Since the 1950s, this witty no-nonsense spud has been pulling more shapes than a disco dancing packet of crisps. His role in the Toy Story trilogy turned him into a Hollywood star, but this hasn’t changed him. He still loves Mrs Potato Head and is prone to throwing body parts when annoyed.

Mrs Potato Head

Mrs Potato head on black background
Mr Potato Head’s better half
Source: Puzzle-Games
D.O.B: She won’t tell anyone

Type: Sweet Potato

Bio: Whether she is keeping her husband in check or looking for her lost eye, she has the same short temper as Mr Potato Head. Not quite as old as her hubby, she is perhaps the most well known female potato in the world. And like her husband, has Toy Story to thank for her Hollywood fame.


Spud from Trainspotting
He looks like a naughty Spud
Source: Ford on Film
D.O.B: Unknown

Type: Beer Battered Chip

Bio: Spud is one of those lovable idiots. With a thick Scottish accent and a rather odd interview technique, this tattie spends his Edinburgh days wasting his life away. Often seen with pals, Renton, Begbie and Sick Boy when not being detained at her majesty’s pleasure.

Mr Chips

Mr Chips from Catchphrase
Say what you see…
Source: Digital Spy
D.O.B: 1986

Type: Unknown

Bio: The talented and instantly recognisable mime potato/robot of classic TV show, Catchphrase. He may have been the sidekick to Roy Walker (and more recently Stephen Mulhern), but Mr. Chips always steals the show with his animated antics. Remember “Say what you see, if you see it, say it!”

Bodger and Badger

Type: N/A

Bio: Not actually a spud, but they make the list for their infamous, and slightly unhealthy love of mash potato. Badger, was a notorious troublemaker, often seen hurling balls of mash at his human co-stars, much to the joy of children of the 90s who see them as cult heroes.

Can you think of famous potatoes or spud based characters we may have neglected?

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