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Super Dads

We’ve covered Granny Bloggers and Mummy Bloggers, so it seems only fair that we give all the dads out there a fighting chance! Here we’ve compiled a list of our all time favourite Daddy Blogs – enjoy!

All that comes with it

This Daddy blogger is a fun read and a busy man. Dan is a father of two children – Amy (6) and Evan (3) and posts about the juggling act of fatherhood. As well as encouraging Amy in swimming lessons and teaching Evan to write, he keep chickens, grows vegetables and works part time as a mental health nurse. Be sure to also have a look at his hilarious Midnight Movie Review podcast.

Single Parent Dad

This blog follows a young Dad and widower who is also a very straight-talking blogger. Read how he manages half-term with geocaching and fun activities or follow him as he humorously vents spleen about irritating children’s TV characters.

Daddy Dazed

Becoming a father for the first time is a major milestone in every man’s life. For this Dad it has also come from an eventful path of IVF. The story includes embarrassing tales of sperm tests, an agonising countdown to the first pregnancy test and eventually the birth of his first child. You can now follow his musings on being a proud and busy father.

To be a Dad

This Ukulele playing father of 2 shares stories of the games his children create as well as some touching moments from their daily routines. Every post is imbued with great adoration and love for his family, be it retelling the previous evening’s dinner or videos of his children playing together. A must read and a fantastic document of family life.

Bringing up Charlie

Author and father of two, Tim Atkinson blogs about being a stay at home Dad. Former teacher, Tim also blogs on child education and development including Psychology Fridays where he shares some wisdom on the mental art of parenting.

Dads the way to do it

Paul blogs about being George’s Dad, which can involve differentiating the Queen on the back of a £20 from Nanna, and teaching a one year-old that eggs don’t bounce. There’s also meetings with penguins at the zoo and wrestling with a vacuum – fun and endearing reading from a family man in Coventry.

A dads blog

This Daddy blogger has a toddler and a newborn. He’s happy to share his advice with other Dads and Dads to be, including tips on getting children off to sleep, picking the right pushchair and spotting the tricks of the toddler’s trade when it comes to pulling the wool over their parents’ eyes.

Goodbye pert breasts

Both touching and funny, this blog veers from the poignant to the ridiculous. One post details a trip to the hospital for his ill baby to be treated, in which he acknowledges the tears brought to his eyes. Displaying an incorrigible sense of humour, the same post also features pictures of gonad protectors in the radiography department that the author finds amusing.

Like Father, like daughter

Through Richard’s blog you can see his daughter’s first steps, their adventures in the snow and how he often gets outnumbered by Mums as a stay-at-home Dad. Father and daughter also go on the political trail together, interviewing politicians for the local paper.

The life and times of a house husband

This is a blog written by a Dad who is learning to accept life as, in his words, a  ‘housewife’. Former pub landlord, now stay at home Dad, Jamie blogs about his new life as a house husband and father to three children. Be sure to check out the hilarious adventures of George the Guilt Explorer (pictured above), who appears on top of the messes that lazy children leave behind.

Shouty Dad

Amusing moments of communication-breakdown between toddler and parent feature alongside posts about what not to do when your eyelids are covered in ointment. An excellent story teller with a confident writing style, Shouty Dad is a enjoyable reading.

Clued up dads

Having blogged the final months of his partner’s pregnancy, this blog now features the musings of a very recent father. In his own words “this blog attempts to separate fact from fiction and highlight what’s worth knowing if you’re about to become, or are already, a dad.”

When daddy gets home

Already a father to one, another is soon on its way for this Daddy blogger. Posts are usually themed around photos and ‘Gallery Prompts’ in which we see what the baby has been up too, be it new food discoveries or prolonged bouts of smiling. Alongside this structure are thoughts and descriptions of the often amusing antics of little kids and parents who are sometimes still kids at heart.

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