How to celebrate St Patrick’s Day without getting drunk

St Patricks Day hat and cupcakes
It’s St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow – how will you celebrate?

Leprechauns, shamrocks and bustling bars around the world — it can only mean one thing: St Patrick’s Day is upon us!

Originally a religious feast, St. Patrick’s Day is now recognised as more of a global party dedicated to celebrating Ireland. Thus providing the perfect excuse for wearing a big green hat and drinking lots and lots of Guinness.

But you may want to celebrate Ireland without all the booze. And this year the big day falls on a Tuesday, so if going to work with a stinking hangover doesn’t appeal, then there are alternative ways to pay your respects to the Emerald Isle without bucket-loads of alcohol.

Cook an Irish stew

Irish Stew with lamb potato and carrots
Image source: Robyn Mackenzie
A tasty way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

If you like hearty grub, then Irish stew sure takes some beating. The recipe has been customised over the years, but a traditional Irish stew contains only lamb (neck mutton or kid chops), potatoes, onions and water. Purists believe that adding anything else spoils the flavour, but adding carrots, turnips and pearl barley is fairly common these days. It doesn’t matter so long as you enjoy it!

Buy somebody from Ireland a gift

Guinnesss being served at the Guinness Brewery
Image source: VanderWolf Images
Buy your Irish pal a Guinness.

Show some love to St. Patrick by buying an Irish person a gift. It could be anything from a pint of Guinness to a pot of shamrocks to a pair of green quality mens trousers. It all depends on how well you know them! They might be family after all.

Speak in an Irish accent

Cut out image of man laughing with white teeth
Image source: Sergey Furtaev
The dodgier the accent, the better.

The Irish accent is one of the easier accents to pick up, so how about mimicking Limerick lingo? Come again! Simply place your allegiance to Ireland for the day by speaking in an Irish accent. It could be fun, but can you fool a real Irishman and can you hold that accent all day? Don’t worry most people will be too drunk to notice after midday.

Host an Irish film night

Colin Farrell with moustache and suit at a premiere
Image source: Joe Seer
Colin Farrell – one of many amazing Irish actors out there!

Hollywood is currently awash with Irish movie stars such as Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson, so host an Irish-themed film night for all your pals. The Irish Film Board produces some cracking films as well so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you need some ideas then here’s the directory of Irish films and how about Star Wars featuring Colin Farrell? It’s just so Irish.

Wear green

Dog dressed up in St Patrick's day outfit
Image source: Lynne Albright

Green is the national colour of Ireland and it’s used everywhere to represent the country from sporting strips to shamrocks to the national flag. If you have anything green and velvety then there’s no better occasion than St. Patrick’s Day to put it on anyone who will let you (we’re looking at you, Rover), and join the big, friendly Irish family. Better to wear green than be green the next morning (wink, wink).

Host a leprechaun party

Leprechaun party
Image source: Milleflore Images
Novelty hats and ginger beards mandatory.

Invite your friends to a leprechaun party — but there’s one catch, they have to dress up as leprechauns. Top hat, braces and socks — and don’t forget the ginger beard.

Of course it could be tricky to resist drinking Guinness once the music starts, so how about organising some fun games and providing a pot of non-alcoholic punch and gold coins at the end of the rainbow!

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