Most stylish potential PM?

Live TV Leaders Debate
Whose the best dressed of them all?

There’s been quite a fuss in the UK after the debate between the main 7 political parties was televised live to an audience of over 9 million people. Not bad.

But more importantly, David Cameron was recently spotted wearing Chelsea boots. Now that’s what we call news! Is DC actually quite stylish underneath all the drab-no-longer-current-moans about the economy?

Well let’s take a closer look at him and the leaders of the other main parties and ask: who is the most stylish (potential) PM?

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Puss in slippers


Cats can be too damn cute, and no more so than when they’re cuddled up in, around or on your favourite pair of slippers.

Check out our picture collection featuring our slipper-clad, furry feline friends.

The perfect disguise
Photo by By Abbamouse
I would like a slipper for every paw and another for my tail, please.
Photo by Meredith P.
Ha! Take that, my evil canine friend!
Whoops - caught pink handed!
Photo by Angela
Slipper, you are my one and only love...
Photo by Sylvia
Phwoar! How can you wear these things?
Photo by Oliver Bruchez
Umm... excuse me? I’m stuck! Hello! A little help here please? Anybody?!