Unconventional uses for snow chains

Snow chains
Image source: Kasim
The conventional way to use snow chains

Winter can take us by surprise with it’s freezing snow blizzards and unsociable behaviour, but not if you’re prepared.

Oh yes! If you’re properly kitted out with Arctic clothing and you’ve fixed snow chains on to your car, you’ll take deep snow in your stride.

Trouble is, it’s very mild this year in the U.K and there’s not a snowflake in sight. Time to get creative with those snow chains, folks.

Luggage security

If you’re going somewhere nice or just going somewhere on public transport make sure your valuables are well protected, by attaching snow chains around your suitcase.

Also requires a padlock and some muscles to lift the luggage afterwards.

Hanging plant holder

An exotic plant can really bring a room to life especially if it’s potted in a hanging basket.

Just be aware that if your going to plant a giant beast from the Amazon in your bathroom, you’ll need a hardcore hanging basket.

Fancy dress – Mr T

If you’re going to a fancy dress party as Mr T, don’t wimp out on plastic chains sprayed gold. Go for the real deal and carefully wrap those snow chains around your shoulders.

By the time you return home, your muscles will be twice the size of Mr T’s after carrying the weight of snow chains all night.

Dog Armour

Protect your little terrier from aggro dogs with super strong dog armour. Just wrap around any mongrel and if he doesn’t scare off other dogs with all his bling, he’ll break their teeth when they try to bite him.

Careful with this one though as we’d like to say, “no animals were harmed in this blog”.

Emergency Fencing

Something a bit more serious after robo-mongrel. If you’re ever in need of a bit of fencing or need a temporary barrier to block your driveway, just attach some snow chains together.

Your new trusty chain blockade will stop any unwanted escapes or intrusions.

Exercise Equipment

Is your New Years resolution to get fit? Well, forget spending all your cash on workout videos and gym subscriptions. Simply fill two sturdy bags with snow chains and lift them up a lot.

Keep up the good work until Spring and you’ll have a body ready for the beach in Summer.