Want a mobile phone that’s easy to use?

CJ simple mobile phone
The Big Button Mobile Phone from Clifford James
Mobile phones have been with us since the early 1980s. Once seen as an expensive (and rather weighty) luxury, they have increasingly become an essential part of every day life.

The lure of being able to stay in touch whilst on the move has proven so compelling that over 6 billion people now own some kind of mobile phone.

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Why a simple mobile phone is good for your health

mobile phone
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A good ole mobile phone

These days mobile phones have more gadgets on them than a stealth bomber; they’ll tell you the time in Honolulu, the temperature in a mouse’s ear-hole and the name of Peter Andre’s aftershave. Not only that, some mobile phones can identify stars in the night sky, download enough media to keep you going for 50 years and vacuum your house (that one’s out soon).

Sorry dogs, but a mobile phone is man’s best friend. Or so they think. Actually gadget-heavy myPhones with all their apps and flaps and stuff are your enemy. Do you really need to know the time in a Russian submarine or check Facespace every two seconds? Do you really need to go through 16 menus just to make a phone call on your mobile PHONE? Of course not.

What you need is a simple mobile phone. And here’s why:

Avoid anger-management therapy
A simple mobile phone is exactly what it says on the tin: a simple to use mobile phone. Heaven. Some phones need a PHD in computer science to navigate around. The levels of concentration needed just find your mother’s phone number will leave you tearing your hair out in frustration. What’s more as the phone gets older it will become slower and develop a tendency of raising your anger levels that you will resort to throwing the nearest thing out of the window. Get a simple mobile phone and avoid throwing your children out of the window.

Avoid social exclusion
myPhones were invented to keep you busy in your spare time. A brave new world where you can play video games, speak to your friends on myFace and generally be connected. Yeah right. You’ll be so busy with phone-world that you’ll never see a soul. Get a simple mobile phone and you’ll have more friends.

Avoid depression
Ever spent a few hours on the Internet and felt quite down? Well if you have a myPhone, you can guarantee when you’re not on the Internet, you’ll be logged into your phone. Meaning, after 12 hours a day of being zoned into a machine, your energy and happiness will drain away and leave you feeling rather depressed. What’s more you won’t be able to call anybody as you can’t find their number on your myPhone. Get a simple mobile phone and reach out.

Time. Lots more time!
Just think of all that free time you’ll have when you’re not messing about with useless information and apps that just fill up your brain with crap you don’t need.
Join a gym, write a book or have a baby or something. You could even just smoke a pipe all day. The options are endless when you have time and you have time with a simple mobile phone.

Look and feel young.
Looking at a small flashing screen for hours will frazzle your brain, strain your eyes and make you quite snappy and irritable. You’ll feel like a grumpy old pensioner and look like one too. Get a simple mobile phone and experience a relaxed state. Your eyes will sparkle, your brain will be fresh and responsive and you’ll feel all sprightly and fresh. Ahhhh …