Novelty slippers with personality


Don’t be fooled – the average pair of men’s slippers can say a lot about a chap. So whether you’re a fluffy bunny or a big bad wolf, we’ve taken a look at what your slippers say about you…

Sailor slippers
The Extrovert
Photo by Poppalina
Werewolf Slippers
The Big Bad Wolf
Photo by Phatcontroller
Vegetable Slippers
The Vegetarian
Photo by Pengrin
Dog Slippers
The Dog-lover
Photo by Jonathan Gaskin
Peter Pan Slippers
The Lost Boy
Photo by Ingermaaike
Homer Simpson Slippers
Photo by Stuart Bryant
Cat Slippers
The Feline Fan
Photo by Mark Pether-Longman
Piggy Slippers
The Third Little Pig
Photo by Les Hutchins
Squid Slippers
The Zoidberg
Photo by Aryc Ogre
Angry Fish Slippers
The Computer Geek
Photo by Scott Savage
Cup-cake Slippers
The Cake-lover
Photo by _StefwithanF
Birdfeet Slippers
Big Bird!
Photo by Andy Herd
Sock-monkey Slippers
The Sock-monkey
Photo by Christi
Penguin Slippers
The Ornithologist
Photo by Fling 93
Angry Bunny Slippers
The Split Personality
Photo by Adam "rampage" Meltzer