These shoes were made for walking: The best walking apps

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Get ready to ramble

Forget exercise, the new watchword is ‘movement’, and the best ‘movement’ of all? Walking.

Experts now say there’s evidence to suggest that even if you work out, that hour of training four or five times a week still isn’t enough to undo the damage caused by an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. But if you walk a lot, you’re doing yourself good with every step. That’s because putting one foot in front of the other helps the body’s systems work at their most efficient, keeping you fit and healthy for longer.

And now your phone can help get you moving. Motivating, guiding and providing information on the move, walking apps make the whole business of exploring on foot just that little bit easier. Here to help you make the most of a decent pair of mens shoes, our guide to the best walking apps.

Map my walk

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Record your walks and watch your progress.

For Iphone and Android (Free)

From the same stable as myfitnesspal, mapmywalk is an app choc full of features to help you make the most of your bipedal perambulations. GPS tracking enables you to pinpoint your location at anytime during your walk and afterwards to see where you’ve been, how far it was and how long it took you. You can bookmark favourite routes, and share information with friends. In an unfamiliar city? Never be lost again!

And as if that weren’t enough, mapmywalk comes with a calorie counter to help you make sure you’re not putting more calories in the tank than you’re burning off on your walks. A great app, but be aware that not all the coolest features are available for free!


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Combining robust guidebooks with seamless technology

Android and Iphone (£1.49)

You have some lovely walks in your area, but you’re never quite sure where they begin and end? Ifootpath is the app for you. Run by husband and wife team, Clare and Richard, Ifootpath combines the best features of old school guidebooks with state of the art technology. Think great photos, detailed directions, waymarkers and interesting info about the history, flora and fauna of the area in which you’re walking. All this on your phone, with your position pinpointed in real time on downloadable maps.

Available for both Iphone and Android platforms, Ifootpath is more than an app, it’s an online community. Add your own comments on any of the thousands of walks, rate your rambles and create new walking routes to share. A great platform for accessing the great outdoors.


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Discover new routes in your city.

Iphone and Android (£1.99)

Living in the urban jungle? That doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and get walking. Specialising in urban pedestrianism, Walkit is an app that’s rolling out across a city near you! chose to walk straight from A to B via a choice of routes depending on how quickly you want to reach your destination, whether you’d like to wander through quieter streets and how much pollution you’re willing to endure.

Like most walking apps, Walkit lets you pinpoint your position and create your own routes. But what marks this app out is a new function that means you can find a suitable walk no matter where you are. So if you’re in London on business, say, and fancy a lunchtime wander, that’s no problem. Just enter your location and find a route to follow.

GB National Parks 50K

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One for your epic hikes!

Iphone only (£11.99)

Got some more adventurous walking in mind? The UK’s national parks offer stunning hikes and rambles to suit all ages and abilities. And now for your convenience comes the ability to download top quality OS maps direct to your Iphone. With UK Nat Parks you can plan your route by adding waypoints and markers, charge your phone and get ready to experience Britain’s wild places.

UK Nat Parks offers maps that extend beyond the boundaries of the national parks to give you the detail on nearby towns – great for choosing your way in, for booking holiday accommodation and deciding where to walk off heath or mountain or moor for a reviving cuppa!

Outdoors Great Britain

Compass and a map.
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Download the entire range of OS maps.

No need to worry about losing your phone signal while navigating across the Peak district or traversing the Brecon Beacons – not with this great app from Outdoors. Imagine the entire range of OS maps available for download to your Iphone or Android device for access anywhere, anytime. A great opportunity to build your collection of maps to support your trekking adventures.  

Great app features enable you to see detailed contours for effective route planning, as well as your current speed, average speed, distance travelled, altitude, time elapsed and much more. The built in compass gives you yet another handy feature; a real alternative to paper maps, ideal for adventurers roaming far from home or wandering the highways and byways closer to home. Simply put, you’ll never be lost again!

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