What are the benefits of halogen ovens?

Cooks Professional Halogen Oven
Cooks Professional Halogen Oven

Halogen ovens were once found solely on late night shopping channels. However, as word has spread about their versatility, speed and energy efficiency, they have become popular in many homes.

Not only do they save space, they can do everything a normal oven does. Halogen ovens make light work of boiling, roasting, baking, steaming and even defrosting – all in one pot.

How do halogen ovens work?

These ovens were developed with halogen elements. They convert electrical energy into intense heat by using infrared waves and an inbuilt, high performace fan (to circulate the heat). They are much smaller than traditional ovens, and are available at a fraction of the cost. The savings don’t stop when you’ve bought your halogen oven as they are far more energy efficient than tradtional electric and gas ovens.

What can halogen ovens cook?

Despite their compact size, they can accommodate a surprisingly large amount of food. A medium-sized chicken, surrounded by vegetables will fit easily in the bowl. The bowl of the halogen oven itself is clear, allowing you to watch the food cook and adjust cooking times accordingly.

When using a rack to cook food with your halogen oven, fats from food simply drain away, meaning the cooking method is particularly healthy. Superior models even feature a self-cleaning function, thereby reducing the washing up required.

Racks and shelves let you cook food on multiple layers, reducing the cooking time for the entire meal. Thanks to the circulation of air, there’s no need to turn the food or swap shelves around. Unlike traditional ovens, halogen ovens cook all of your food evenly without requiring any interference from the chef.

Halogen oven accessories

A wide range of accessories are now available to compliment halogen ovens. Specialist cookbooks, halogen oven lid stands, cooking trays and more can help you make the most of your halogen oven. If you’re preparing a banquet for the whole family, it’s easy to add capacity with a halogen oven lid extender. These useful accessories can add up to 5 litres of cooking capacity to your halogen oven.

Traditional ovens may not be going the way of the Dodo just yet, but it’s safe to say that halogen ovens are here to stay. With their incredible energy efficiency, speed and space-saving size they can certainly make a big difference in a busy kitchen.

Need more convincing? Watch the video below to see how halogen ovens are changing the cooking habits of people like you.

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