Be the BBQ baron this bank holiday

Man BBQ outside in his garden
The BBQ Baron is not scared of an overcast sky, oh no, he laughs in it’s face.

With the Bank Holiday almost upon us and the summer sun about to break through, it can mean only one thing – it’s the barbecue season. Yes indeed!

That’s right, they’ll be smoky gardens everywhere as sozzled grown men wearing aprons and holding spatulas stare at slabs of meat sizzling away. Char-grilled, smoked or burnt to a crisp along with the garden fence are just some of the likely outcomes.

So, how about you have a butchers (ahem) at our ‘Bank Holiday BBQ Success Checklist’ for hosting that perfect barbeque.

Bank Holiday BBQ Success Checklist

Man BBQ food
Image source: Sean Locke Photography
Let’s get on the road to BBQ success!

Right first up you’ll need the following – check:

1) Garden – not too green as plants and fire don’t mix well, and no indoor barbecues!
2) Space – in your garden, away from green stuff.
3) BBQ – preferably fixed and spacious if you have guests, otherwise grab a disposable one.
4) Meat – varied and lots of it.
5) Vegetables etc. – we’re talking dips, bread, cheese and so on, not everybody likes meat. Seriously.
6) Refreshments – bespoke, depending on the crowd.
7) Music – create the perfect playlist before the big event.

Once you’ve got those sorted, take heed of these handy advice nuggets – check:

Positioning: the BBQ is most important as when that thing gets hot it will set alight plants, trees, fences and family pets. Find a spot that either backs onto a wall or is away from all the clutter. You’ll also need good access to add/remove the food.

Dress: Go for smart-casual, but be prepared for fat splashes and renegade charcoal attacks by wearing an apron. This can also catch you out if you’re wearing flip-flops so protect your feet with some good mens leather shoes.

The vibe

String lights outside
Image source: imging
Get the lights right.

Make an effort, aye. Put up a bit of bunting and/or some fairy lights for starters (not too close to the barbeque though mate). You’ll need a good-sized table where you can stack the plates and refreshments and allow people to sit down and eat if they wish.

Choose some chilled music to play as your guests arrive, but have something like The Bee Gees lined up for when everybody is suitably refreshed.

Fire off

Top of the list for accidents waiting to happen is the BBQ lighting ritual. Not many people know how to do it properly and what they tend to do if their BBQ is lacking spark is to squirt on a bottle of lighter fluid which gets the party so hot that even the Fire Brigade get involved.

Watch the video above to see how it should be done.

Ready, steady, cook!

BBQ food
Image source: Redpip1984
Variety is the spice of, er, BBQs.

Stock up on a good mix of meat like pork chops and chicken portions and some beef burgers and sausages too. Make up some vegetable skewers using courgettes, peppers and mushrooms, throw in a few corn on the cobs and also some veggie sausages.

Beef and lamb can be served rare, but chicken and sausages must be cooked properly to avoid food poisoning. Make sure the barbecue is hot before you add the meat – the charcoal should be glowing red with a powdery grey surface.

Ensure the meat isn’t frozen and turn it regularly to cook it evenly. Just because it’s charred on the outside doesn’t mean it’s cooked – if in doubt cut into it and make sure there is no pink meat visible and that the juice runs clear.


Cheers with beer outside
Image source: Dragon Images
Three cheers for the BBQ Baron!

The host provides and it always goes down well with guests if there’s a core selection of beer, wine and some soft drinks like mineral water. But do tell your guests to bring refreshments too or else it could get costly.

How to look cool at a BBQ

Man at  BBQ in apron
Image source: Alexander Raths
Just tell them it’s apron couture, darling.

Sorry we can’t help you with this one. You’re wearing an apron and smell of pork.

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