Puss in slippers


Cats can be too damn cute, and no more so than when they’re cuddled up in, around or on your favourite pair of slippers.

Check out our picture collection featuring our slipper-clad, furry feline friends.

The perfect disguise
Photo by By Abbamouse
I would like a slipper for every paw and another for my tail, please.
Photo by Meredith P.
Ha! Take that, my evil canine friend!
Whoops - caught pink handed!
Photo by Angela
Slipper, you are my one and only love...
Photo by Sylvia
Phwoar! How can you wear these things?
Photo by Oliver Bruchez
Umm... excuse me? I’m stuck! Hello! A little help here please? Anybody?!

Teddy bear blogs we love

Arctophiles, or bear lovers, are a likeable lot who mix great craft and artistry with affection and good humour. We’ve put together a list of teddy bear collectors, crafters and restorers who also write blogs. By checking out posts you can see their bears, keep up to date on their creations and follow the healing process of patients in their teddy bear hospitals.

eden bears blog
Eden bears give poorly teddy bears a new life
Eden Bears

The author of this blog, Elaine Hirst, creates traditional bears and also runs a Teddy Bear Hospital for restoring bears who have been in the wars. The excellent before and after photos, and the breakdown of what was done, will bring a smile to your face each time a new patient re-emerges from the hospital back in one piece.



three oclock bears blog
3 o'clock bears are fully pampered
Three O’Clock Bears

Bears in period dress, or with coiffured hair, even bears with their own beds and duvets, Three O’Clock bears come in all shapes and sizes. This blog follows their development as well as showcasing the new creations with stunning photos and commentary.




soft toys blog
Soft toys blog for teddy bear news and reviews
Soft Toys Blog

A new edition to the blogosphere, this blog is building up reviews of new bears on the market as well as links to places to buy them. The blog works as an online magazine for sourcing new bears or getting the latest information in a friendly and easy way.




Bearing all blog
A multi award winning Teddy Bear maker Bearing All
Bearing All

Multi award winning Teddy Bear maker and member of the Guild of Master Bearcrafters, Paula Carter’s Bearing All blog documents her life and craft. You can follow her creations from birth to adoption as well as getting an insight into the everyday life of Paula.





bear club
Join the teddy bear clan at Bear Club
The Bear Club

As featured in the Guardian Media Monkey, The Telegraph Online and BBC Radio 1 & 2, the Bear Club is a blogging site for your Teddy Bear. You can create a profile, join a clan, learn about bears and have lots of fun with other bear owning bloggers.




furgotten bears blog
Traditional teddys for modern times at Furgotten Bears
Furgotten Bears

These bears look as if they have a few stories to tell, however they are brand new and handmade by Darren and his wife Jacqui in Macclesfield. Beautiful bears and creatures with a worn look live on this blog until they are adopted by new owners. Truly one of a kind and not to be missed.





michelle's bears
A great collection of bears from all ages at Michelle's bears
Michelle’s Bears

An excellent compilation of posts on collected bears, newly crafted bears and antique bear restoration projects. Michelle has over 20 years of bear making experience and a huge collection to show for it, which you can enjoy here on her blog.





steiff life blog
A Steiff Life documents tales from generations of Steiff fans
My Steiff Life

A blog shrine to all things Steiff from a seasoned collector and Steiff afficiando. My Steiff Life is written by a third generation Steiff collector who previously worked for Steiff, writes on Vontage Steiff and answers your questions on your own collections.





bear treasures blogs
Bear treasures from a teddy bear artist
Bear Treasures

A proud member of the Guild of Master Bearcrafters, Melanie Jayne is a full time Teddy artist. Be sure to check out her creations, like Little Joey and see how she designs and creates bears full of their own personality for the adult collector.



Novelty slippers with personality


Don’t be fooled – the average pair of men’s slippers can say a lot about a chap. So whether you’re a fluffy bunny or a big bad wolf, we’ve taken a look at what your slippers say about you…

Sailor slippers
The Extrovert
Photo by Poppalina
Werewolf Slippers
The Big Bad Wolf
Photo by Phatcontroller
Vegetable Slippers
The Vegetarian
Photo by Pengrin
Dog Slippers
The Dog-lover
Photo by Jonathan Gaskin
Peter Pan Slippers
The Lost Boy
Photo by Ingermaaike
Homer Simpson Slippers
Photo by Stuart Bryant
Cat Slippers
The Feline Fan
Photo by Mark Pether-Longman
Piggy Slippers
The Third Little Pig
Photo by Les Hutchins
Squid Slippers
The Zoidberg
Photo by Aryc Ogre
Angry Fish Slippers
The Computer Geek
Photo by Scott Savage
Cup-cake Slippers
The Cake-lover
Photo by _StefwithanF
Birdfeet Slippers
Big Bird!
Photo by Andy Herd
Sock-monkey Slippers
The Sock-monkey
Photo by Christi
Penguin Slippers
The Ornithologist
Photo by Fling 93
Angry Bunny Slippers
The Split Personality
Photo by Adam "rampage" Meltzer

How to get the perfect fit – the ultimate guide for shoe and slipper buyers

Get the perfect fit.


Buying perfectly fitting slippers and shoes is a bit of an art form, but one that’s well worth learning. Our feet are a much-used asset, and if you look after them properly you can save yourself a lifetime of pain and discomfort.

To help you find the perfect fit, we’ve come up with this buyers guide to shoe fitting.

1. The size of your feet changes as you get older, so always make sure you get measured before buying shoes. The best time to measure is at the end of the day, as your feet are largest then.

2. Don’t go by the size marked on the shoe – only use it as a guide. Always make sure that you try shoes on properly before wearing them out of the house, so that you can exchange them if they don’t fit.

3. As most people have one foot larger than the other, make sure you fit you shoes to your largest foot.

4. Select shoes that suit your foot shape. For example, a narrower foot may better suit a narrow heel or pointed toe. Wider larger feet my better suit a square or rounded toe.

5. Make sure there is enough space between your big toe and the end of the shoe. When you put pressure on you foot, or when you walk, your toe should not touch the end of your shoe.

6. Don’t buy shoes expecting them to stretch – always get a good fit from the start.

7. Where possible use breathable materials that don’t make your feet sweat as much. When your feet get hot they can start to sweat, which may mean that your shoes become uncomfortable.

Pipe smoker blogs we love


Smoking a pipe is an enjoyable, relaxing pastime for many men and women. Here we’ve rounded up a blogging community of pipe smokers and enthusiasts to provide you with hints, tips, advice, anecdotes and inspiration.

A Castello Sea Rock pipe

Rising from the Ashes

Consisting of the ‘Random musings from the smoke filled mind of G L Pearse’, Rising from the Ashes is a collection of thoughts, ramblings and humorous anecdotes. Whilst Pearse meditates on his love of pipe smoking and reviews his favourite tobaccos, he also gives his insight into life in general. Witty and a pleasure to read.


The good old days of smoking a pipe

Smoking Pipe Tobacco
Smoking Pipe Tobacco features news and reviews for everything to do with pipe smoking, combined with tips and anecdotes to help you along your way.  There are some useful points to be learnt, even for the most experienced pipe smokers.




The Savinelli Punto Oro pipe

The Pipe Smoker
The Pipe Smoker – ‘Smoking his pipe… and pondering on everything’.  This blog was started by a true lover of pipe smoking.  Consists of tips on pipe care and tobacco, as well as his musings on life in general and a collection of favourite pipe smoking quotes.  One for the true pipe enthusiast.



There’s even a ‘pipe babes’ section...

Pipes Magazine
Pipes Magazine is the ultimate source for pipe lovers.  Ask questions or share advice in the forum.  Watch videos from pipe enthusiasts such as Mad Men actor Michael Gladis.  For those who really love pipe smoking there’s even a ‘Pipe Babes’ section…




Going green!

The Briar Files
A blog based purely on pipes and pipe smoking, The Briar Files features pipe and tobacco reviews, bios on ‘featured pipe smokers’ (both real and fictional) and humorous cartoons and advertisements all about pipe smoking.  It’s a fun, interesting read.



An old corn cobb pipe

Smokers Blog
The Smokers Blog is an eclectic mix of interesting pipes (check out the Native American Peace Pipe), and pipe and smoking knife reviews.  This is a great visual blog, packed full of interesting photos and unusual pipes.



Some great tobacco reviews

A Passion for Pipes – Neil’s blog
This is a blog by a real pipe afficiando. Neil Roan features and reviews beautiful vintage pipes, tobacco blends and modern pipe carvers. His authoritative and relaxed writing style displays  years of experience and a great fondness for the beauty of pipes.



An example of Talbert’s professional pipe carving

The Talbert Pipe Blog
Written by a professional pipe carver, this blog is imbued with the artistry of craft as well as the technical aspects of pipe design and production. Be sure to check out his stunning creations of Goblin pipes, Briars and Ligne Bretagnes.




Bob Harrison updates from his Saturday excursions to the Tobacco Hut

The Sweetest Smoke
Each Sunday Bob Harrison posts updates from his Saturday excursions to the Tobacco Hut where he and a community of pipe smokers hang out and talk about all things pipe. As much a social commentary as an exploration of new pipes and tobacco blends, it is an addictive tobacco soap-opera.

Book Lover blogs we love


To many, there is simply no greater winter pleasure that a warm, comfortable seat, a steaming hot cup of tea and a good book.

So we’ve put together a list of our favourite Book Lover blogs to inspire future reads, make you laugh, make you think and generally enlighten your day.

We hope you like them and happy reading!

Clare writes some great book reviews from a range of topics

Keeper of the snails
Award winning novelist Clare Dudman keeps us updated on her life and literary adventures in this chatty blog.  Some interesting interviews with other authors (there’s a great interview with Sue Guiney, author of A Clash of Innocents) and some thought-provoking reviews. Clare is fun, endearing and, obviously, an excellent writer.  An altogether good read.


Get stuck into a whole range of books

Stuck in a Book
Simon Thomas is always stuck in a book, and this colourful blog lets us know which one he’s reading now and exactly what he thought of it.  There are some brilliant reviews and recommendations for future reads, combined with the odd ‘Song for Sunday’ and literary outings (including a book bloggers lunch at the British Museum).  Good fun!


The Midnight Bell keeps a keen, critical eye on literature

The Midnight Bell
Sean lends a dry, witty style to his review blog The Midnight Bell.  The successor to the London News Review Books Diary (which was admired in both The Guardian and the New York Times), this blog is a keen, critical eye on the world of literature.



Just one of the images from du Maurier country

Dovegreyreader Scribbles
Dovegreyreader is ‘a Devonshire based bookaholic, sock-knitting quilter who is a community nurse in her spare time’.  Carry on to find some great interviews, including an insightful chat with Erica Wagner, Literary Critic at The Times.  There are also some inspiring reviews and adventures, including a beautiful walk through Daphne du Maurier’s Cornwall, linked with her various excellent novels.  Well worth a look!


This is a blog for the serious lover of classic fiction!

Brontë Blog
I can guarantee that even the biggest Brontë fans will be completely overawed by this blog.  Find out who is playing Heathcliff in the latest adaptation.  Check out the Brontë ‘quote of the week’.  There’s even a list of Brontë themed Christmas events!  Needless to say, this is a blog for the serious lover of classic fiction.



Katy's fantastically Gothic photograph of London under a full moon

Baroque in Hackney
Published poet, writer and journalist Katy Evans-Bush, otherwise known as Ms Baroque, hosts this inspirational blog.  Beautiful poetry, witty observational posts on life generally and some stunning photography (my favourite being a fantastically Gothic photograph of London under a full moon).  Perfect for an educational lunchtime read.



Some particularly enthusiastic book lovers

Book Maven
Book Maven is a blog by writer Mary Hoffman, and gives an insightful view into the world of literature.  Read interesting blog posts from writers such as Michelle Lovric.  Catch up with the latest book news and reviews.  This is a great blog, well written, cheerful and full of future reading inspiration.



As well as books, John also discusses music and politics

John Baker’s Blog
John Baker is a published novelist and his blog is a mixture of his own writing, reviews of other works and the occasional snippet focusing on music, art and politics, as well as general ramblings on life in general.  A good read.




The Beat's anthology of favourite guest writers

The Beat
The Beat acts as a showcase for new and exciting writers, whether they’re poets, novelists or short story tellers.  There’s always something new and interesting to keep you entertained – if you’re the sort of book lover that just loves to read anything then this is definitely the blog for you.



It's books galore in Lizzy's Literary Life

Lizzy’s Literary Life
Full of reviews for some interesting and unusual reads, Lizzy works her way through the world of fiction and gives them a personal rating out of five.  This really is a homage to literature in its many and varied forms, and should provide you with no end of inspiration.  Definately one to take a look at.



Book World's author searches for inspiration for her first book for children

Book World
Book World describes itself as ‘One woman’s attempt to read what’s worth reading and say something about it along the way’.  Sometimes it’s a general rant about trying, and failing, to write a children’s book.Sometimes its just a short post giving a quote from a famous author.  In one post, 36 books are reviewed in nine words or fewer.  Whatever the contribution, it’s always something worth a read.


This should be more that enough to fulfill even the biggest Sherlock Holmes fan.

The Baker Street Blog
If Sherlock Holmes had been interested in blogging, then this would have been the site for him.  Dedicated to all things Holmes-based, from the latest television series to hit our screens to poems dedicated to the famous literary detective.  This should be more that enough to fulfill even the biggest Sherlock Holmes fan.



In this beautiful blog Fiona Robyn gives us small snippets of poetry to carry around with us

A small Stone
‘A small stone… picked up on a long walk and carried home in your pocket’.  In this beautiful blog Fiona Robyn gives us small snippets of poetry to carry around with us – one a day.  A lovely, calming addition to your day and a real pick-me-up when you’re feeling downhearted.



5 ways to make money in your slippers

... in your slippers!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to stay at home, wrapped up in your dressing gown and men’s slippers, whilst your computer earns you some extra money?

Well, it’s completely possible – there are numerous cunning ways to earn a bit of extra cash in the run up to Christmas, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Tempted? Here are 5 tips to get you started.


1. Get eBaying… If you’ve got clutter lurking around your home that you no longer use, then eBay is the website for you.

If you’re not already signed up then set up an account – it only takes about 20 minutes and it’s dead simple to do.

Then photograph all of your unwanted items (to get the best results take good quality photographs from different aspects), write a short description and decide on your starting price.

If you are sure that you don’t want something to sell for below a certain price then you can add a reserve, or start the bidding at a higher cost.

However, if you really want to get results and you’re willing a risk then start the bidding at 99p – the lower the starting bid the more buyers seem to be interested.


2. Answer a few questions… Yes, you can get some great returns from filling in questionnaires online.

Some companies, such as www.surveys.com, provide you with vouchers to spend on all sorts of items for answering their surveys.

Some websites even pay you genuine, hard cash – for example www.yougov.com/uk/panel pay you 50p to £1 for every survey, and they send you a cheque for the money once you reach £50. Not bad, huh?


3. Reclaim your own money… Did you know that nearly £1 billion is lying in a dormant bank account from accounts that people have simply forgotten about?

Whether from an old National Savings account or a building society, many people simply lose their money in accounts they’ve forgotten they still have. To see if you’ve got money just waiting to be claimed visit www.mylostaccount.org.uk.


4. Share your knowledge… If you’ve got a a specialist skill or knowledge of a certain area (whether that’s economics or cooking) then you could become an online guide at http://beaguide.about.com/.

About.com can pay hundreds of pounds a month to their ‘guides’, in exchange for regular articles on your specialist subject.


5. Work whenever and wherever you want… If you’ve had experience as a PA, secretary, graphic designer, architect or any other profession that is computer based, then you could continue to use your talents from home.

Clever website Elance (www.elance.com) enables businesses to submit projects for home-workers to apply for, and home-workers can also pitch their skills to employers.

Both employers and workers are rated, so you know exactly what it is you’re getting, and you can accept or apply for work as and when you like.

The pay isn’t bad either (some dedicated workers have earned hundreds of thousands of pounds) and it’s a great way of using your years of experience to make you money, whenever it’s convenient to you.

Rambler blogs we love


Having published our favourite blogs for Grandmas yesterday, we felt we simply couldn’t leave out our gentlemen readers. So we’ve put together a selection of the best Rambler blogs on the internet for you to enjoy.

If you’ve got a blog you would like us to add, please feel free to let us know!

Laura Belém’s Temple of a Thousand Bells, Liverpool Biennial

Rambles From My Chair

The author of this blog is John – aka Scriptor Senex. Days of the week are themed. On Happy Mondays, he tells jokes, whilst he features natural history on Wildlife Wednesdays. Funny observations are made concerning the Stinkhorn, disappearing pickled onions and sock thieves. John’s ‘rambles’ are also a pictorial journey through his surroundings. Highlights include stunning photographs of Liverpool’s Biennial Contemporary Art Exhibition.


A bumper yield of ‘hooligan’ squash from Plot 12

Tony Hatfields’ Retired Ramblings

Tony Hatfield is a retired solicitor and his ramblings are comments on current affairs, the state of the nation and everyday life battling with Plot 12 of the local allotment.  Drawing on his legal background, this blog gives a humorous but informed interpretation of what’s going on right now, from Boris Johnson’s latest gaffe and Alistair Campbell’s indiscretions on Twitter, to hooligans on the allotment.


Gordon’s November Offering: The SECC in Glasgow.

Gordon’s Ramblings

Gordon McInlay is a teacher of computing in Scotland and his ramblings are a mixture of useful technological information and interesting reflections on life. The blog includes an honest and in-depth review of the iPad. Gordon is also a keen and generous photographer, and offers his followers free monthly images to download as desktop calendars.



David paints rusty rails for his model railway

Lightning’s Lair

David Evans is a retired RAF engineer, and his blog comprises ‘everyday ramblings of no fixed format’. David muses on the agonies of DIY, life as a ‘quilter’s widower’ and feeling old. There are some stunning images tracking progress of his model railway.




Greta Bridge, County Durham

Adrian’s Images

Adrian Ward’s blog is home to his photography and ramblings about cooking, travel and natural history. Images include a Shaggy Scale Head and a rusty suspension bridge. This blog is a great resource for those interested in exploring the countryside of the North of England.




Dawson Street Bridge, part of the former Redfern Rubber Works.

Hyde Daily Photo

Gerald England’s mission is to offer us a photo a day of Hyde in Greater Manchester. Gerald’s photography is an insider’s view a Northern town through the years. Pictures include a three-legged cat, Broadbottom scarecrows and ‘Golden Balls’. Gerald’s blog celebrates the North’s industrial past and captures the strange beauty of this urban environment today.



‘Friday at the Flicks’

Midmarsh Jottings

John Midmarsh’s blog focuses on the wildlife of Lincolnshire. John presents not just stills, but also video footage of native birds, insects and mammals. His ‘Friday at the Flicks’ posts feature films taken with his Nestbox and Birdfeeder-cams. A great resource for those interested in wildlife photography.



Morgan the Hunter

Ramblings of the Recently Retired

Bob Tame’s blog contains humorous musings on retired life by the sea. Bob’s ramblings are of a varied nature. He talks about the pros and cons of the National Lottery, the agony of finding a parking space and the hunting exploits of Morgan the Cat.




Chinese New Year in Manchester’s China Town


‘Petrus’ is a self-confessed rambler: ‘an old gent far too busy to go out to work’. Petrus’s weird and wonderful ramblings take us through England, Spain and Bulgaria. He blogs about giant mousetraps, getting to grips with his new iPhone and asking for the toilet in Norwegian.




A typical entry from this eccentric ‘diary’

Diary of a Rambling Old Englishman

A funny and eccentric blog about retirement. Diary entries from this Rambling Old Englishman talk about the joys of shopping in Swedish furniture chainstores and overdosing on mince. Also featured are entries from the Catalogue of Failures including ‘Brides who married the wrong grooms’ and ‘The MP who lost a motion despite everyone agreeing with him’.



Irrelevant road signage is just one of the humorous subject rants on Beck’s blog

Beck’s Blog

Here ‘Beck’, an ex river quality manager from Yorkshire, gives his views and opinions about everything that’s frustrating about life.  From irritating announcements on the trains to stupid road markings, nothing ridiculous escapes the attention of Beck’s Blog.  This is a fantastic place to vent news, views and frustration, with a good dose of dry wit added to the mix.



Mike’s narrowboat - the Avon Rose

The meanderings of Narrowboat Avon Rose

Mike takes you through the ups and downs of life on a traditional narrowboat.  Interesting, funny and beautifully written, Mike’s blog is a real insight into a very different style of retirement.  On top of this it’s a real chance to brush up on your practical skills – and a chance to find all sort of inventive things to do with garden wire!



Den doing his Harry Potter impersonation

Watching the detectives

Dedicated blogger Den Barnden gives regular updates on just about anything.  Described as ‘an elderly fella’s occasional blog’, Den covers everything from in-depth reviews of the Harry Potter series to interesting pictures of trout fishing (not quite as you might imagine – check out his blog to see what I mean).  Everything here is funny, lighthearted and entertaining – a fantastic lunchtime read.



Just one of Brian’s beautiful wildlife photographs

Brian Raffety Wildlife Photographer

Accompanied by anecdotes of his adventures, Brian produces some breathtaking shots of birds, deer, owls and all manner of other wildlife.  A really lovely blog.





Keith’s blog is opinionated, and often highly political

In my humble opinion

Keith Alexander shares his ramblings with the world in this opinionated, often highly political blog. Gives detailed opinions on everything, from the BA strikes to American politics and antisemitism. This is a blog for those who like to keep up with current affairs and who appreciate a good ol’ debate.



Keith Winfield Diggle has something to say!

Out of my mind

Keith Winfield Diggle has something to say… and this blog is the place to say it. Keith, an ex-mathematics teacher from Bristol, gives updates, news and opinions about a broad range o interesting topics. Check out Keith’s touching post on ‘poems recited by my father’, or get politically inspired by his enthusiastic letters to David Cameron.



Daislebee the Southcoast Shrimper

Southcoast Shrimper

Dick Pizey shares his retirement adventures from the good ship Daislebee – a Cornish shrimper – as he makes his way around the south coast of England. Funny and packed full of action, this blog is a must for the sailors and adventurous out there.



John keeps us amused with his quirky animal photos

Eighty Plus

John keeps us regularly updated on life, the universe and everything in this witty blog. This is a great blog to while away the odd ten minutes, as there is always something thoughtful, informative or entertaining to keep you amused, like his quirky animal photos or his amazing You Tube finds.



Blunt opinions from Victor Meldrew’s Brother

Victor Meldrew’s Brother

As a self-confessed ‘grumpy old man’, retired soldier ‘Victor Meldrews Brother’ gives a typically grumpy opinion on everything – from student protests in London to the latest political issues. This blog is not for the feint-hearted – there is no shorted of blunt opinion here, in true Victor Meldrew style!



An amusing map Brian found for his Spanish homework

Brian’s Blethers

Brian’s blog is ‘an occasional record of the doings of a bus pass holder’. Brain gives his views on the latest films (check out his review of Inception), theatrical plays and pretty much anything else that takes his fancy, including updates on his Spanish lessons! Brian has a great sense of humour and this blog makes for fun reading.



Find out why the Mayor of Belfast was leaping over a giant tomato...

Grumpy Old Ken

Kenneth Stevens is an ex-schoolteacher, who now spends his time thoroughly enjoying retirement. His wit, coupled with an ability to see the ridiculous in life, makes for some really funny blog posts! Take a look to find out what M&S have hidden down their pants, or why the Mayor of Belfast was leaping over a giant tomato…! Definitely a blog for those with a good sense of humour!





Things ‘aint what they used to be!

John Clement gives his witty perspective on growing old gracefully. Suffering from the little know ‘Age Aggravated Attention Deficit Disorder’ (a hilariously funny post – take a look at the blog to see what I mean) John’s hilariously written blog is a laugh a minute.

Justin’s Ramble

Justin describes himself as the ‘merry nerd of Nottingham’, but his blogs are far from nerdy! Here Justin blogs about his life in Nottingham, from images of some of his fantastic photographs to some great winter recipe ideas.

Ianto Occidentis

Quaker and ex-biological scientist Cawstein gives his opinion on everything from tuition fees to the daylight savings debate as well as interesting insights into classical music compositions.  Well written, informative and highly intelligent, Ianto Occidentis makes for some interesting reading.

Grandma blogs we love


Welcome to the all new Clifford James blog! We look forward to giving you regular posts on all sorts of interesting topics. Of course, if there’s anything in particular that you’d like us to feature please feel free to get in touch.

To start off with, we thought we’d introduce you to some other great blogs out there. Today we’re focussing on Grandmas, as blogs are fast becoming a wealth of information to modern grandmas everywhere. Use them to get hints, tips and inspiration from other grandparents, or simply enjoy a rare insight into the lives of others.

We’ve found some great blogs to share with you.  Do let us know if you’ve got a blog we can add!

Grandma Frogs blogs about all of the various wild plants, insects and animals she finds in her great garden.

Grandma Frogs’ Garden

What’s not to love about Grandma Frogs’ Garden?  Here Grandma Frogs (named by her grandchildren; their other grandma is Granny Cat) shows you around her garden.  Tips on wildflowers, plants and the wildlife you can expect to see in a nature-friendly garden.





Practical yet stylish shoes

Chic at 50 plus

This great, practical blog is a must-read for the fashion-conscious.  It gives some really sound advice on the most basic of fashion principles – how to buy the right underwear for your outfit, the latest cozy knitwear to keep you warm and stylish, how to buy comfortable, practical yet fashionable shoes and many more useful tips and pointers.  Can’t recommend this blog highly enough, and it’s relevance extends to any age group – not just the over 50’s!



Follow Maureen on her adventures to the Cotzwolds


Maureen Davies shares her thoughts and adventures whilst touring in her Performance 700 motor-home. Follow Maureen on her exploration of Great Britain – from trips to the Cotzwolds to tours of the Peak District.  Maureen always gives a cheerful, friendly update of her travels, along with some great (and sometimes hilariously funny) photographs.




There are some scrummy recipes to follow on Ginger Grandma

Ginger Grandma

Ginger Grandma lovingly blogs about all things grandma-ish.  Pick up tips on some great recipes (Grasshopper pie is a firm favourite).  Get great advice for gardening whilst simultaneously keeping the grandchildren amused.  There are also some hilarious accounts of spending far too much time in a caravan, which is always worth a read.




Check out some fab baking ideas

Granny Green’s Big Night Out

Granny Green’s big night out is the latest social group to hit Edinburgh, and here you can keep up with their shenanigans wherever you are in the country.


Get tips from the collaborative knitting workshops, check out some great new recipes and keep up with the latest literary recommendation from the Granny Green bookclub. You can even keep up with their film club (with some not too grown up films on recommendation!).



Mavis blogs about trips to knitting and craft shows

Just a thimbleful

Mavis writes about being a wife, mother, grandmother and about ‘growing older on the outside but still very young on the inside’.  Here Mavis blogs about her life, covering trips to Ely Cathedral at half term and trips to knitting and craft shows.  A great, chatty blog about everyday life.





The Granny blogs about her Spanish adventures

Gorgeous Granny Blog

Get updates from The Granny as she blogs on life, the universe, travel and grandchildren.

Nothing is beneath The Granny’s notice, whether it’s traffic jams in central London to travels across Spain.  Funny and lighthearted, this is a great social blog.




Lady Banana is queen of the gadget reviews

Lady Banana

Lady Banana blogs about pretty much anything.  Find out about the best new reads.  Watch some of the great videos that Lady Banana has picked out for you (most of which involve cats doing hilarious things).  And, of course, catch up with Lady Banana’s very own cat, Mable.

Lady Banana is also queen of the gadget reviews, and if you’re an iPhone fan this is definitely the blog for you.




Ruth Bond blogs about life in the modern WI

Ruth Bond’s Blog

Ruth Bond, Chair of the Women’s Institute, blogs about life in the modern WI.  Ruth travels all over the country – and a fair way around the world – on WI business.  We hear about the issues the WI have been dealing with and the various fun things the ladies get up to over the course of the year.  Ruth has a fun, witty writing style and is always doing heaps of interesting things, so this blog is a good read.




Trisha’s funky jean quilt

Quilting Trish

Quilting Trish (aka Trisha Thornhill) blogs about quilting, gardening, cardmaking and grandchildren.  Some really creative designs for all manner of quilts and cards, as well as a few blogs that are slightly off the beaten track (like updating the boiler in the kitchen).  A good blog to get your creative juices going.




There are some great tips on how to cook with the grandkids

Virtual Granny

Virtual Granny (and Grandpa) blog about everything important – from how identify the finest single malt scotch, the best ways to cook with the grandkids or fashion tips for getting old in style.  This blog really is a mine of useful (as well as useless but funny) information on just about everything.  And when you get bored of reading there are some great video debates to get your teeth into.  Well worth a look!




Granny Rant is exactly that - a good old rant about everything ridiculous

Granny Rant

Granny Rant is exactly that – a good old rant about everything ridiculous about modern day society.  The content is usefully filed into sections – grumbling, just saying, rants, madness – and the content is always sure to get a nod of agreement and a small chuckle.





Follow the amazing Granny Mave on her cycling adventures in Canada.

Granny Mave

For her 70th birthday Mavis Paterson (aka Granny Mave) decided to cycle the 5,500 miles from Vancouver, on the west coast, to New Foundland, on the east.  She did this for the adventure, and to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care.

As a mother of three, and now grandmother to three grandchildren, Mavis’ update are funny, interesting and truly inspirational.




Lorna with her daughter, Verity

Lorna’s Blog

Lorna co-founded Grannynet with her daughter, Vertity, and here she blogs about being a modern woman, a mother and a grandmother.  Grannynet is a social support network for grandparents and here Lorna continues that theme, giving useful advice and insights into her relationship with her grandchildren.  Touching and thoughtfully written.




Grannymar has some great recommendations for places to visit in Ireland, like Kilkenny Castle, above.


An Irish grandma blogs about her favourite recipes (there’s a good recipe for apple and raisin spice bars), great places to visit in Ireland and anything useful.  There’s even an entire archive of handy tips, like how to iron a shirt (with step-by-step pictures) and the best way to remove grass stains.  There is so much information that even the most informed of grannies will learn something useful.




Connie’s beautiful autumn-themed needlework

Konnykards – musings of a senior citizen

Seventy-something Connie blogs about all things creative, from autumn-themed needlework to fairy cakes.  All this is accompanied by Connie’s cheery commentary, recalling fond memories of events new and old.





Just one of Scrapping Nanny’s great home-made cards

Scrapping Nanny

Mum of two and nan of four Gwyneth makes all sorts of great cards for all occasions.  There is some great inspiration for Christmas here, with lots of great card ideas for you to make at home.  Team this with Gwyneth’s quirky updates and you’ve got a great blog for anyone with a creative streak!




Updates from Viv’s beautiful garden

Any more tea in that pot?

Viv Sellers blogs about what she knows best – gardening, family and (of course) tea!  There are also some fascinating storys from Viv’s dad’s war diaries, an extract of which was published in The Times this September.  This is a touching blog about getting enjoyment out of everyday life.




Seal spotting in St Ives

Around and About with Mary

Around and about is a great blog for anyone that appreciates beautiful photography. There are some lovely photos of seal spotting in St Ives, as well as photographs of all manner of wildlife, taken from locations across the country.  This is a beautiful, image-led blog that can help you while away the odd couple of hours.




Rosie updates us on her travels around New Zealand and Hong Kong

Dosie Rosie

Dosie Rosie blogs about ‘crafting, gardening and everyday life now the kids have left’.  Rosie is currently on her travels, and gives some insightful updates from Hong Kong and New Zealand.  Rosie has a great, infectious personality and a quick read of this fun blog is sure to put you in a good mood.




Women over 50 showing what modelling is all about.


Linked to the popular ‘Fabafterfifty’ ezine, this fun blog covers everything from the serious to the hilarious, with some great posts on having children over 50, 10 reasons why women over 50 make great employees and a special post on 80’s models (no, by that I mean models over 80, not models from the 1980’s).  A good blog for some lunch-time reading.




Hazel gives updates and insights from the Cornish countryside

Cornish Ramblings

Hazel blogs about life by the coast in Cornwall, as she explores every inch of the beautiful countryside.  Find out about her walking boot test from Liskard to Looe, and her adventures on the Tamar Valley train ride!  This blog will revive the old nostalgia’s for Autumnal country walks and beachside adventures.  And, of course, after reading a couple of posts you’ll want to be in Cornwall!