Bonkers men’s slippers

When most of us think of slippers, we think of keeping warm around the fireplace, kindly old grandfathers, and a nice cup of tea.

However, some people like their slippers to make a statement. Here are our favourite slippers for men, women and children who like to keep their feet warm in unusual ways.

We've heard of 'loaf-ers', but these bread slippers are just what you knead
The original ‘loaf-ers’? We think these bread slippers are just what you knead
Source: Transition Edinburgh Uni
Panzer tank slippers
Image source: Paint Crochet
Slippers for the aspiring Panzer tank driver
Slippers you can drive?
Slippers you can drive?
Source: Tesla motors blog
Cute animal slippers are common. Not many people choose earthworms...
Cute animal slippers are common. Not many people choose earthworms…
Source: Etsy
Clean the floor with these mop slippers
Clean the floor with these mop slippers
Source: Allee Willis
Rasta man slippers
Rasta man slippers
Source: Ebay
LED light slippers
LED light slippers
Source: Toxel
These are supposed to look like sushi, what do you think?
These are supposed to look like sushi, what do you think?
Source: Sushi Booties
Split windscreen VW campervan slippers
Split windscreen VW campervan slippers
Source: Wikipedia
Fold your own: origami slippers
Fold your own: origami slippers
Source: Project X
Homer Simpson slippers
Homer Simpson slippers
Source: Flickr
Take your lawn to the beach
Take your lawn to the beach
Source: TechJi

OK, we know these are technically flip-flops, but in Hawaii flip-flops are called ‘slippers’. That’s good enough for us. Aloha.

The Wrong Trousers

As Wallace and Grommit discovered, wearing the ‘wrong trousers’ can be more than a fashion faux pas. But it appears young men continue to ignore this cautionary trouser tale.

Mens trousers have come on leaps and bounds, and we’re eager to embrace coloured chinos and skinnier fits with open arms (or rather, legs). We do, however, draw the line at some of these…

Red trousers
Image source: TK Link
Trousers bad enough to start a riot
Tartan trousers
Image source: James Creegan
Fashion icon
Image source: Ruth Hartnup
I don’t care if you’re skiing, there’s never an excuse for these…
Oh dear
Image source: Scott Davies
Spotted on the streets of Perth… oh… dear…

Log splitters and other cool log stuff

Man and his log: the relationship goes back a long way, and began perhaps with the spark that first made fire.

Woodworkers and lumberjacks may be few and far between these days, but the bond between man and log is still strong, as this cool log stuff shows.

Log Splitters

logmaster log splitter
The axe is no match for a modern log splitter
Source: Clifford James

Although the axe is a seriously macho tool, it’s no match for its powerful descendant, the log splitter.

It will get the job done in no time and saves you from the perils of manual labour: no bad backs, no impromptu amputations and no pneumonia / man-flu from being out in the cold for hours on end!

Log Cabins

log cabin
Log cabin kits for DIY fanatics
Source: House of Digital

For the real DIY fanatic, the market now offers build-your-own-log-cabin kits: perfect for creating a nice new shed for storing your log splitter and other power tools, which also serves as a secret man den to escape to when a new project takes your fancy.

Other construction ideas could include an outdoor office, summer cabin or hideaway place for when the in-laws come to stay. Available in a range of sizes and shapes to meet all your log cabin needs.

Log Fires

log fire
Make fire and relax
Source: Steve MC

After your log splitter has saved you the exertion of splitting wood, use your reserved energy and innate man power to ‘make fire’.

After all your hard work, it’s time to light up the log fire, put your feet up and relax with a nice bottle of whatever takes your fancy.

Yule Log

Christmas Yule Log
Logs for eating
Source: Chris Elwell

Gather ‘round ye Yule log and grab a fork, folks: you won’t need a log splitter to break up this log!

Also known as a Buche de Noel, this delicious Christmassy treat is fab for sharing with all your loved ones, while the blaze of your log burner in the background gives a little fiery ambience.

Log Flume

Log Flume
Log flumes for fun and falling in love
Source: Wikipedia

Shooting down a log flume may not strike most people as being a particularly romantic event. But for Lawrence Key, it was the most nerve-racking ride of his life, as he took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend of five years.

She was completely unaware until she received her souvenir photograph at the end of the ride, proving that falling in love really can be a rollercoaster! [Source: Mercury]

Famous women who wore the trousers

Who wears the trousers in your relationship?

Throughout the ages many a strong woman has donned a pair of men’s trousers – in both the metaphorical and the material sense.

Here’s our round-up of some pretty formidable ladies who feel right at home in a pair of slacks.

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson
Image source: Wikimedia
Amy Johnson

Hull lass Amy Johnson appreciated a pair of warm trousers in 1930, when she flew single-handed from Britain to Australia at the tender age of 26.

Sadly this pioneering aviatrix died in the line of duty delivering a plane as part of the war effort in 1941.

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich
Image source: Wikimedia
Marlene Dietrich

German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich wore men’s suits on stage and screen.

A vocal anti-Nazi, she abandoned Germany for the US in 1939. Dietrich played for the Allied troops on the frontline throughout the war and was awarded the Légion d’honneur for her bravery.

Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson
Image source: Wikimedia
Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson – ‘that woman’ – was the American divorcée, fashionista and socialite for whom Edward VIII gave up his throne.

Simpson’s sartorial elegance made her a fashion icon of her era, even if her politics and morals were decidedly questionable.


Image source: Wikimedia

Ranked one of the most powerful women of the 20th century by Time Magazine, trouser-wearing Madonna continues her campaign of world domination in this century.

She is the world’s best selling female recording artist, ever, and the most talked about celebrity of the last decade.

Annie Lennox

Singer, songwriter, activist and philanthropist, Annie Lennox is a passionate woman of many talents.

Dressed in a city suit, with orange, cropped hair and the face of an angel, Lennox questioned the nature of femininity in the ‘80s.

Grace Jones

Jamaican Jones is far from your average ‘singer/actress/model’.

With some outstanding music under her belt and an amazingly sculpted body – even now aged 64 – Grace is still a force to be reckoned with.

Hilary Clinton

Queen of the trouser suit, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has served in politics for over 20 years.

Having survived the Lewinsky scandal with her dignity intact, Clinton has proved herself an extraordinary diplomat, politician and wife.

Queen Elizabeth II

Ok, so we admit this is a rare photo of the Queen wearing a pair of trousers. Elizabeth II prefers skirts to slacks, even when jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond.

But as the nation’s figurehead for the last 60 years we figure she deserves a metaphorical entry in our list.

Men’s slippers – the perfect base for a cheese toasty

What have cheese toasties and men’s slippers got in common? Why would you need a shoe to finish your meal? Which fish is named after a Roman flip flop?

If you have spent sleepless nights pondering these questions, never fear, for we have the answers. And if you have never worried about such matters, take heart in the knowledge that they might one day crop up in your local pub quiz.


Image source: Keko 64
Melted cheese on your slipper?

Oh, the ciabatta, mistress of all things toasty and slightly Mediterraneany. The long, flat Italian loaf which forms the perfect base for those naughty, gooey panini that tempt you away from your usual cheese and pickle.

But did you know that ‘ciabatta’ is Italian for ‘slipper’! Why? – you may ask. Well, it (ahem) clearly looks like a slipper, doesn’t it?

‘Doing the little shoe’

doing the shoe
That naughty little shoe!
Source: Under the Tuscan gun

Another Italian foodie phrase for you. ‘Fare la scarpetta’ or ‘to do the little shoe’ means using bread to mop up those lovely bits of sauce left on your plate at the end of a meal.

Why a hunk of bread resembles a little shoe is matter for debate. But you don’t need to go there. And while it’s not exactly elegant behaviour in Italy, it’s authentic, it’s old-school and it’s bloomin’ lovely.


Image source: Wikimedia
The unfortunate sole

The tasty sole is an unfortunate creature. If being skew-whiff in the facial department and rather on the thin side weren’t enough of a burden, this poor fishy has a rather unglamorous name.

And no, you’ve guessed wrongly. It’s not named after the sole of your foot, although you’re getting warm. It gets its name from the Latin ‘solea’ – a type of Roman flip flop!


heel tap
Cowell’s secret weapon
Source: Hester Vlamings

A heeltap is the name for a ‘lift’ or extra bit added to the heel of a shoe to give the wearer extra height. Think Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise and Nicolas Sarkozy and you’ll be on the right lines.

It’s also an old English name for the dregs at the bottom of your drink. If you don’t fully sink your pint or drain your wine you’re guilty of leaving a heeltap!

Choux pastry

profiteroles dessert
Profiteroles paradise
Source: BigStock

Choux is the French spelling of the English ‘shoe’. The French named this delightful pastry after the dainty shoes worn by Elizabeth I on her trip to France in … No. Sorry. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Choux has nothing whatsoever to do with footwear. It actually means cabbage. Confused? So are we. Never mind. Any excuse to look at pictures of profiteroles.

Leather slippers make you more attractive

Yes, it’s true, leather slippers make you much more attractive to women.

So throw away your famous brand deodorant, and ditch the triple-blade superduper razor…they’re not going to get you anywhere. If you want to impress the opposite sex you need to start wearing mens leather slippers.

Why? Well read on and we’ll reveal what your slippers say about you…

Leather slippers

leather slippers clifford james
Leather slippers make you more attractive
Source: Clifford James

A good friend once advised that in matters of the heart, one should always ask oneself: what would James Bond do? There’s no doubt, leather slippers are the only way Bond would go in the comfy footwear department.

So when you need to fetch another bottle of champagne from the fridge mid-loveathon, make sure she sees you slipping your feet into some stylish leather slippers, like the Carltons pictured above.

Novelty slippers

novelty slippers
We don’t love them tiger feet
Source: Morberg

Novelty slippers are an absolute no no. They’re not ‘fun’ and unless you’re Adonis incarnate it’s far too dangerous to wear them ironically. Please, please don’t do it. Ever.

Trust us, the only thing shuffling around in tiger feet or wearing your football colours on your tootsies expresses is your severe lack of judgement, taste and sex appeal.

Slipper socks

slipper socks
Slipper socks rank low on the footwear social scale
Source: T Stokes

It’s more than a sock yet it’s not quite a slipper. The slipper sock is neither one thing nor the other. It’s an inbetweener, a try-hard, a climber of the footwear social scale.

Far from making a good impression, wearing a pair of slipper socks infers that you can’t quite make up your mind and that you lack integrity. Not a good start.


holy socks
Avoid white and worn out socks
Source: Caitlin Regan

You have to be so, so careful if you choose to go down the stocking-feet route. Choose the best socks you own and make sure there are no holes – there’s nothing worse than a protruding big toe to put you off your carbonara.

Avoid white socks, Christmas novelty socks, garishly coloured socks, man-made fibres…in fact, forget it, just get some leather slippers.

Bare feet

bare feet
Keep your terrible toes undercover
Source: Randen Pederson

Unless you are the kind of gent who takes good care of his feet – are you? are you really? – baring your pinkies to a new love is the worst thing you could do.

You don’t need to give everything away on the first date. Save the sole searching (sorry) for later on in the relationship when you’re comfortable enough to bare all.

Convinced? You should be. You need a pair of leather slippers and you need them now.

Cute kittens in mens slippers

Slippers are popular with people and pets. They bring joy, comfort, warmth and relaxation to our tired toes.

For playful puppies, slippers make a great chewy toy to throw around and tear apart. And for active cats and kittens, slippers offer a cosy sanctuary for sore paws.

These furry felines seem particularly partial to mens slippers.

Photo by Sergiu Alistar
Photo by a-birdie
Photo by Cutest Paw
Photo by Kittens
Photo by Björn Hermans
Photo by Dr Case
Photo by Adrianne Lacy
Photo by Jeff McCann
Photo by Jason Devitt
Photo by cattoo

Celebrity babes in mens slippers

Slippers are smoking hot
Image source: Grufnar
Slippers are smoking hot

Believe it or not, the latest trend in ladies’ footwear is the ‘smoking slipper’.

Strongly resembling mens slippers for the home, smoking slippers come in varying shades of velvet, leather or fabric and can be plain or patterned.

So fashionable are these new smoking slippers, that they have gone from the kind of thing only Hugh Hefner would dare to wear outdoors…

Hugh entertaining a couple of bunnies in his slippers

Hugh Hefner
Image source: s_buckley /
Hugh Hefner in slippers

…to the shoe of choice for celebrity babes and female fashionistas. Here’s our pick of the best:

Linsday Lohan looking lovely in leopard print

Alexa Chung in cute cat slippers

Olivia Palmero looking stylish in embellished slippers

Nicole Richie low-key in velvet slippers

And if, by chance you are wondering if men can also get away with wearing slippers outside the home, take poor old Kanye West as a warning.

The multi-millionaire rap star might know a lot about the music business, but his fashion sense leaves much to be desired.

Kanye West giving Hefner a run for his money

From automatic potato peelers to mincers – our top 5 amazing kitchen wonders

The automatic potato peeler

With some kitchen gadgets it’s a case of, once you have ‘em, you simply can’t live without ‘em.

We’ve rounded up our all time top 5 kitchen gadgets that are a must-have for any modern kitchen.

1.) The toaster. What, after all, would we do without toasted bread? It just goes with everything – whack some jam on it, or baked beans, or Marmite, or just simply spread some butter on and enjoy.

2.) The Kettle. Hot water in seconds, brilliant. The world’s economy would grind to a halt if tea and coffee took more than minutes to make. Thank you kettles for keeping our bellies warm and our minds alert.

3.) The automatic potato peeler. Cooking is fun. Peeling potatoes isn’t. Why spend hours doing the tedious bit when you can bung all your potatoes in the automatic potato peeler, flip a switch and watch in wonder as the skins disappear? You’ll find one of these in every professional kitchen, so why not have one in yours – it’s something you’ll never regret.

4.) The mincer. It’s great- you buy your own beef, making sure you get a really good cut, put it through the meat mincer and you’ve got excellent quality mincemeat – just like that. It’s so much better than the stuff you buy in the supermarket – or even from your local butcher. Trust me, once you’ve tried it you’ll be hooked.

5.) The bread maker. If you could bottle the smell of freshly baked bread then you’d be a millionaire, but in the meantime there’s simply no substitute for the real thing. A bread maker is therefore the ideal gadget. Just stick in your ingredients, hit a switch to say exactly what type of bread you would like and… voila! Freshly baked bread on demand.

Dolls house blogs we love

Dolls houses are definitely not just for children. Whether you’re putting together a dolls house for your grandchildren or you’ve got your very own dolls house to play with, there is plenty of inspiration and ideas out there on the web. We’ve found some great dolls house and miniatures blogs to get you started…

Making Dolls House Miniatures

Making Dolls House Miniatures is the ultimate guide to dolls house DIY. Some wonderful ideas, from building model fireplaces to creating miniature sepia photographs of your dolls and creating beautiful doll-sized photo frames. There’s even instructions on how to build a mini artists pallet! A great blog for inspiration.

The Magic Bean

Colleen is a cloth doll designer and teacher, and here she shares her tips and ideas on how to make dolls, ornaments and other great things to go into your dolls house – or even on a shelf in your own home. Bright and colourful, with fun updates and a ‘Freebie Friday’ givaway once a week.


The Dolls House Dolls Blog

Mary Williams has been making dolls for about 10 years, and here she exhibits her latest works. There are some fantastic photographs of the dolls (all so life like!) as well as advice on how she made the dolls and the scenes they represent. I particularly liked the drunken maid doll! Well worth a look.

Dolls and Daydreams

Dolls and Daydreams is a fantastical creative blog. Here Sarah shows us how to make all manner of dolls and dolls houses, with some other interesting things to try along the way. One of my favourites was a ‘eco dollshouse’, with step by step instructions on how to make and decorate it. Truly stunning!

Janet Granger’s Blog

Janet embroiders beautiful and tiny decorative ornaments for dolls houses. Whether it’s a minute ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign on the wall, or a tiny Christmas stocking, nothing is beyond Janet’s capabilities. Here we get cheerful updates from Janet, as well as pictures of her latest works.

On being a mini mum

It’s not easy being a mini mum! Here Janice blogs about her favourite hobby – collecting miniatures and dolls houses (and finishing bargain dolls houses on eBay!). Quirky, fun and with some great hints and tips, Janice is sure to keep any enthusiast busy with her great ideas.


Tiny Treasures

Here Debbie collects everything miniature, from tiny little ‘welcome’ doormats to beautful tiny birdcages. Debbie herself has been making dolls-house miniatures since 1989, so she’s got plenty of experience to pass on! A good read.


The Mini Food Blog

The mini food blog is exactly that – a blog all about beatifully miniature food for dolls houses. Tiny (but looking absolutely delicious) roast turkeys, venison chops and miniature fruit bowls. Create your own miniature food with their step-by-step photo guides. Stunning!

Madshobbithole’s Blog

You really can’t help but be impressed by Maddie’s realistic miniature Hobbit Hole – exactly like the one in Lord of the Rings! Here Maddie blogs about her progress, with amazing pictures of the ‘Hobbit Hole’ and a step-by-step guide as to how she made it. Simply amazing!