World’s wackiest umbrellas

A few days ago Lady Gaga was spotted using a bizarre brolly fashioned after a giant conch shell.

Never one to blend into the crowd, onlookers were shell-shocked (sorry) at Gaga’s odd choice of rain protection. But we wondered, is that as weird as it gets?

After ogling our collection of downright bizarre and often impractical brollies, you’ll have a new found respect for your stock standard windproof umbrella.

Let the madness commence…

Hands free umbrella
Image source: Nubrella
Sure, you might look like a displaced astronaut, but this hands free brolly is definitely functional
dog pet umbrella
Rover had his human trained very well
Source: Wikimedia
electric light umbrella
Um, it’d be perfect for long midnight walks in unlit areas?
Source: Instructables
city umbrella
Surely a contender for the world’s largest brolly?
Source: 1 Funny
upside down umbrella
Use as a makeshift paddling pool when you return home
Source: Pxleyes
Internet umbrella
Image source: Tom Igoe
Meet the internet umbrella, complete with built-in camera, a motion sensor, GPS, and a digital compass
polite contracting umbrella
Constantly conscious of getting in peoples way? This contracting ‘polite’ umbrella is perfect for you
Source: 2 Modern