7 Winter fashion characters

man in winter storm
Which one are you…

Sunbathing, swimming in the sea, barbecues … all gets a bit repetitive after a while. Yep, summer is overrated.

Winter isn’t too far away though! And that means more opportunities to grow a beard, wear long overcoats with the collars up and bring out your winter fashion alter ego.

Check out our winter fashion characters, which one are you?

1. The Lumberjack

Lumberjack With Chainsaw
Image source: Italo
In his natural habitat.

Dressed in a thick checked shirt and sporting a well-groomed winter beard for warmth, The Lumberjack gets out there in the wilderness and chops up firewood (for fashion shoots). When we say wilderness we mean garden and this lumberjack doesn’t like to be outside in the cold too long so uses a speedy log splitter rather than a man axe.

2. The Eskimo

Handsome man in striped sweater, scarf and a furry hat is feeling cold over a blue background
Image source: Yeko Photo Studio
Go school cool in a smart blazer.

It’s snow joke, but The Eskimo doesn’t really like the cold and always makes sure he is properly wrapped up. He does like the winter fashions though. So it’s fur baby and lots of it! Fur hat, fur coat and fur gumboots with layers of thermals underneath will keep this guy feeling snug and looking good.

3. The Die Harder

Die harder
Image source: Paha L

The Die Harder doesn’t really feel the cold even when it’s so Baltic that the penguins stay in. Sporting a sleeveless shirt and jeans, here’s a guy that gets on with the job and makes sure there’s lots of opportunities to catch a glimpse of those impressive guns when logs are being lifted and that. What a hero.

4. The Maverick

Funky african man in american flag themed winter clothing
Image source: Evren Photos
And what?

This is a man that acknowledges the seasonal fashions but refuses to tag along exactly like everybody else. He’ll wear dinner jackets with sneakers or furry Russian hats with a T-shirt and he owns enough bravado to carry off whatever look he wants.

5. The Action Man

Action man
Image source: Andriy Maygutyak
At one with nature

There’s always a nod towards the military with The Action Man’s style. Bit of khaki or camo thrown in somewhere, military boots, dog tags and a long practical-looking, but super stylish overcoat that would be fit for a general — a fashion general that is!

6. The Chap

Portrait of Man, Sherlock Holmes Like Character
Image source: Timeless Photoart
Think dapper.

Dapper and dashing, The Chap dresses like an eccentric gentleman. Woollen trousers, shiny shoes and a smart shirt are his foundations during winter. Topped off with a cashmere polo neck sweater and belted trench coat with a cravat to keep out the draught with aplomb. The finishing touch is his trilby hat to keep the snow from his brow when he’s smoking his pipe outside under a streetlight.

7. The Depp

Johnny Depp
Image source: DFree
The one and only Johnny Depp

Think pirate meets Musketeer meets global enigma. Cowboy boots, blue denim jeans and snakeskin-print shirt for starters, then it’s all about the accessories for The Depp. Funky shades, and maybe some ethnic jewellery… perhaps a pocket watch too? The coat is optional as The Depp tends to wear lots of layers of clothing rather than a big coat.

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