5 ways to revamp your wardrobe

New wardrobe?
Image source: Nejron Photo
Give your wardrobe a new lease of life.

If your wardrobe is looking a little dated but you’re loathe to part with old favourites, maybe it’s time to get revamping!

There are tonnes of things even a novice with a needle can do, and the end results are impressive.

So if you fancy upstyling your mens leather shoes or updating your favourite old tie, read on for some inspirational DIY tips and tutorials.

1. Paint the soles of your shoes

Shoe soles
Image source: The Shoe Snob
Pick a colour, any colour!

Take inspiration from the catwalk and paint your soles and their edges with some acrylic paint for statement piece footwear. Your DIY contrast soles will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t overdo your look – these shoes are best worn with an understated suit.

2. Add elbow patches

Elbow patches
Image source: Kelly Hogaboom
Get the heritage look with a simple patch.

Again, the success to this look is contrast. Update a suit jacket with this modern parody of the university-lecturer look. Follow this tutorial for simple steps to this fashion revamp using a needle and thread. Alternatively, try painting your elbow patches using a stencil and fabric paint.

3. Change your buttons

Image source: MPalis
Go from high-street to high end with this easy swap.

Changing the buttons on shirts, jackets or trousers can make all the difference in the style stakes. Adding contrasting coloured buttons will make a dated piece look bang on trend. And swapping standard buttons for higher quality ones is a simple way to turn high-street into high end. A foolproof way to update your look.

4. DIY skinny tie

Skinny ties
Image source: Becoming Whitney
Modernise your tie collection.

Transform old kippers into something sleeker and sexier with this simple skinny tie tutorial. You’ll need a sewing machine, iron and sewing pins to do a proper job. Make a skinny tie out of any of your old faves or source something a little funkier from your local charity shop or vintage boutique.

5. Turn buttons into cufflinks

Silver Cufflinks
Image source: Costin Constantinescu
Turn your old buttons into new cufflinks.

If you’re handy with a pair of wire cutters, it’s easy to make a pair of unique cufflinks from buttons and eye pins. Choose buttons that are shank-backed (the ones with a hoop on the back to thread cotton through) and use two for each set of cufflinks. These DIY button cufflinks are a really easy way to add subtle character to your look.

The most successful DIY fashion tricks are simple ideas executed with care. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to take charge of your own look and to go create something magnificent.

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