Serious slippers for serious men

Serious about slippers
Image source: Olly2
Serious men wear serious slippers

Seated in a brown leather Chesterfield armchair in a book-lined office of power, some men literally have their finger on the button.

These men take their domestic footwear seriously and wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of novelty slippers. When it comes to serious men, only serious slippers for men will do.

The Churchill

Image source: Wikimedia
The Churchill slipper exudes quality and good taste

For the cigar smoking, rabble-rousing leader of men, the Churchill slipper exudes quality and good taste whilst having the sturdy backbone to fight a cause all the way to victory.

The Moccasin

Richard Branson
Image source: Wikimedia
A moccasin is the metaphorical beard on a billionaire

For the wealthy capitalist with a bohemian past, the moccasin will take the edge of all that power and is the metaphorical beard on a billionaire. Relaxed and rugged on the surface, but sporting a workaholic sole that always keeps up with the jet setting capitalist.

The Chatsworth

For the regal, yet relaxed gentleman of foreign affairs, the Chatsworth is the perfect host for the diplomat — warm and charming, yet ruthlessly efficient when comfort is compromised.

The Carlton

Che Guevara
Image source: Wikimedia
The Carlton slipper for compelling power

For the generalissimo with his finger on the trigger, the no nonsense Carlton hits the target when it comes to being admired for compelling power. Strong, durable and unafraid of being mauled by the dogs of war, this slipper always comes out fighting.

The Leather Mule

For the consultant surgeon, who needs to be able to kick off in a hurry, the leather mule is cultured, precise and will never falter under a bit of pressure. The perfect cut for the sharp fingered.

The Invincible

Image source: Wikimedia
Invincible slippers for the eccentric genius

For the eccentric genius, who is partial to wearing his dressing gown and slippers to the supermarket whilst contemplating the meaning of life. Invincibles are the slippers of choice for the intellectually occupied and are most prepared to keep twinkling toes warm during random midnight ventures.

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