Why men get more stylish with age

Senior stylish man relaxing on a park bench with his tablet.

Effortlessly stylish…

It’s not just fine wine that gets better with age – the style and sophistication of a man often matures and improves over time.

With modern trends coming and going, quickly changing on what feels like a daily basis, it is the gents who stick to the style they know who stand out from the crowd.

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Technology demands bigger trousers!

Close up of an iPhone six in a jean pocket.

Bigger phones, bigger pockets…

Is your pocket feeling the strain? New generation smartphones cost a pretty penny, but we’re not talking about the cost of upgrading your phone.

Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus is over 6” long by 3” wide, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 measures approximately 5.5” x 3”, LG’s G3 has a 5.5” display. Time was when smaller was better, but the sheer size of the latest offerings from the communications giants makes for a lot of computer to cram into your pocket of a standard pair of mens trousers.

But as technology changes, we adapt…

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These shoes were made for walking: The best walking apps

Man standing atop a cliff with his camera.

Get ready to ramble

Forget exercise, the new watchword is ‘movement’, and the best ‘movement’ of all? Walking.

Experts now say there’s evidence to suggest that even if you work out, that hour of training four or five times a week still isn’t enough to undo the damage caused by an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. But if you walk a lot, you’re doing yourself good with every step. That’s because putting one foot in front of the other helps the body’s systems work at their most efficient, keeping you fit and healthy for longer.

And now your phone can help get you moving. Motivating, guiding and providing information on the move, walking apps make the whole business of exploring on foot just that little bit easier. Here to help you make the most of a decent pair of mens shoes, our guide to the best walking apps.

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Environmental showdown: Natural vs. Synthetic

Line up of mens shoes in a shoe shop.

Who will win…

We all want to do our best for the environment, but when it comes to choosing new shoes and clothes, should you go for leather or faux leather, cotton or polyester, wool or acrylic?

The environmental choice is not always obvious. Natural materials sometimes require large quantities of chemical fertiliser, place huge demands on water resources, and their processing can cause pollution. But synthetics don’t necessarily biodegrade, and can use a lot of energy during production. And then there’s the shipping…

We don’t pretend we can speak for all fibres produced in all countries, but here is a guide that will at least explore some of the things to think about when buying new clobber.

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6 Silver linings of winter

Feet Warming By Fireplace

Look on the bright side…

If summer and winter went head-to-head for the honour of being the most popular season of the year, then it would be no contest and summer would win easily with its sunshine, ice creams and suntans.

But hold on just a minute. Winter shouldn’t be written off quite so easily; there are lots of overlooked benefits during the snowy season.

Summer has its perks for sure, but no season does comfy time quite like wintertime. Allow us to remind you of what’s in store when the nights draw in.

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7 Winter fashion characters

man in winter storm

Which one are you…

Sunbathing, swimming in the sea, barbecues … all gets a bit repetitive after a while. Yep, summer is overrated.

Winter isn’t too far away though! And that means more opportunities to grow a beard, wear long overcoats with the collars up and bring out your winter fashion alter ego.

Check out our winter fashion characters, which one are you?

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8 Back to school style rules

Follow the rules

Image source: Toonartist
Stick to the rules!

September is upon us meaning the hordes of children are off back to school at last, cue sighs of relief everywhere.

But don’t get too relaxed, as back to school is where we’re headed to explore fashion rules inspired by the best days our lives (apparently).

Here are 8 back to school rules worth following.

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5 Surprising slipper facts

Surprising Slipper Facts

Image source: Stuff ‘n Sense
You’d never guess…

In the menswear market, the slippers on offer are no longer the dowdy and dull offerings you’d associate with your granddad. With a range of different styles and colours, there are now slippers available that wouldn’t look out of place with your best suit.

Adopting a range of different luxe materials, from leather to fleece, it is now possible to keep your feet comfortable and slipper clad, as well as stylish.

To celebrate the successful
 transformation of the classic men’s slipper, we’ve compiled 5 fun facts about them that you may not have known…

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Must-have summer accessories


Image source: Happy Dancing
Don’t forget to accessorise!

More and more men are accessorising. Men’s accessory sales this year grossed $13.6 billion – a massive leap of 9 percent in the last 12 months.

Today’s accessories go way beyond functionality. They have to perform well and add something to your look. Clever accessorising will help you breathe new life into a tired wardrobe without spending a fortune.

This summer’s key items have the potential to wow. So be brave and embrace our top five must-have accessories.

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Pull your trousers up!

Sagging trouser trend

Image source: The Liberty Beat
Look away!

Known as ‘sagging’, it’s been banned in some places, rock stars have been thrown off flights because of it, and even Barack Obama has had his say on the issue!

To many of us, it’s a mens trouser fashion disaster, to some it’s downright offensive, but why do they do it, and why hasn’t this fad ‘bottomed’ out by now?

Here we take a look at the saggy trouser brigade – and their penchant for pulling their pants down.

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