Log splitters and other time saving man tools

When the going gets tough, the tough guys bring out the man tools.

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment and enjoy doing things the hard way, there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing out the man toys.

Log splitters

log splitter
The ultimate wood chopper

Reduce a pile of logs to firewood in no time with the powerful hydraulic log splitter. Exerting tonnes of pressure onto quivering logs and even capable of splitting two logs at a time. The log splitter is the real king of the forest and will save you hours.

Ride-on lawnmower

ride on lawnmower
Lawnmower motorsports

No need to feel like a donkey pushing and pulling your granddaddy’s lawnmower all day long. Mowing lawns, big lawns, should be fun and involve petrol mowers you can ride around on. Or take it a step further and drive them around a racetrack.

Power drill

power drill
Fantastically flexible power drill

Unless you have arms like Popeye, using a manual screwdriver to put something together is going to take you much longer than a power drill. Power drills are flexible, noisy and make holes fast — just watch what you’re doing especially when posing for photographs.


Crowd pleasing chainsaw

A crowd favourite due to its high danger rating, the chainsaw will literally saw hours off time and reduce mighty oaks to sawdust. Just be extra careful with this one.

Garden shredder

garden shredder
Garden shredders eat brambles for breakfast

Let’s face it; gardening can be an enjoyable pastime — it’s cleaning up all the mess afterwards that can be a serious chore. Not if you have the garden shredder around. Just put awkward brambles and prickly things in the top and hey presto you have friendly compost.

Nail gun

nail gun
Extremely macho nail gun

Noisy, abrupt and extremely macho, the nail gun fires nails into most surfaces very quickly. If you’re clumsy with a hammer and your fingers tend to be purple most of the time, the nail gun is your new best friend. Just watch where you point it.

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