Leather slippers make you more attractive

Yes, it’s true, leather slippers make you much more attractive to women.

So throw away your famous brand deodorant, and ditch the triple-blade superduper razor…they’re not going to get you anywhere. If you want to impress the opposite sex you need to start wearing mens leather slippers.

Why? Well read on and we’ll reveal what your slippers say about you…

Leather slippers

leather slippers clifford james
Leather slippers make you more attractive
Source: Clifford James

A good friend once advised that in matters of the heart, one should always ask oneself: what would James Bond do? There’s no doubt, leather slippers are the only way Bond would go in the comfy footwear department.

So when you need to fetch another bottle of champagne from the fridge mid-loveathon, make sure she sees you slipping your feet into some stylish leather slippers, like the Carltons pictured above.

Novelty slippers

novelty slippers
We don’t love them tiger feet
Source: Morberg

Novelty slippers are an absolute no no. They’re not ‘fun’ and unless you’re Adonis incarnate it’s far too dangerous to wear them ironically. Please, please don’t do it. Ever.

Trust us, the only thing shuffling around in tiger feet or wearing your football colours on your tootsies expresses is your severe lack of judgement, taste and sex appeal.

Slipper socks

slipper socks
Slipper socks rank low on the footwear social scale
Source: T Stokes

It’s more than a sock yet it’s not quite a slipper. The slipper sock is neither one thing nor the other. It’s an inbetweener, a try-hard, a climber of the footwear social scale.

Far from making a good impression, wearing a pair of slipper socks infers that you can’t quite make up your mind and that you lack integrity. Not a good start.


holy socks
Avoid white and worn out socks
Source: Caitlin Regan

You have to be so, so careful if you choose to go down the stocking-feet route. Choose the best socks you own and make sure there are no holes – there’s nothing worse than a protruding big toe to put you off your carbonara.

Avoid white socks, Christmas novelty socks, garishly coloured socks, man-made fibres…in fact, forget it, just get some leather slippers.

Bare feet

bare feet
Keep your terrible toes undercover
Source: Randen Pederson

Unless you are the kind of gent who takes good care of his feet – are you? are you really? – baring your pinkies to a new love is the worst thing you could do.

You don’t need to give everything away on the first date. Save the sole searching (sorry) for later on in the relationship when you’re comfortable enough to bare all.

Convinced? You should be. You need a pair of leather slippers and you need them now.

Mens slippers in summertime disguises

There’s something about wearing slippers that transforms a walk into a mooch.

And if you’re wondering what mooching is, then it’s dragging your feet along the floor in a very chilled out way and not really heading anywhere.

Now, if you see a chap mooching and he does not appear to be wearing mens leather slippers, well he probably still is wearing slippers, but in a summertime disguise.

Flip flops

flip flop
Flip flops – with a fluffy lining they become wild slippers

Relaxed and slightly scruffy, flip flops make it almost impossible to walk proper — but mooching along singing a flip flop song is as easy as eating peas.

What about that mooch action though? Well put a bit of fur on that rubber sole and you got a wild slipper, man.


classic croc
Crocs – a slipper skeleton

If Willy Wonka designed shoes, they would look like Crocs. Crocs come in all colours of the rainbow and are perfect for comfy mooching over a long period of time.

We’re not fooled though — skin a slipper and you’ll probably end up with a Croc!

Deck shoes

deck shoe samuel windsor
Deck shoes – slippers for boats

It might sound posh, but the hardy deck shoe is basically a hard-as-nails slipper. Just perfect for protecting your feet when doing macho stuff on a boat.

When you’re not doing macho stuff on a boat, you’ll find it hard not to mooch like you were wearing slippers. Hmm…


Slip-ons – looks like a slipper, feels like a slipper…

They look like slippers and sound almost identical to slippers, so this really is something of a lazy disguise.

They’re leather, they make wearers mooch and you can slide your feet into the back of them, so why aren’t they called slippers?

Well, I suppose you could wear them to a wedding. A moocher’s wedding.


Loafers – tell tale tassels reveal the slipper within

Challenging moochers for the title of the most relaxed way to exist, loafers are trying to rock the boat a little by preventing minimal mooch action.

This is because they fit well and have a proper heel like grown up shoes. But those fancy tassels and slipper-like uppers give the game away.

Slipper Olympics

2012 is the year of the London Olympics, so everybody in the UK is inspired to get super fit in the gym, right? Wrong.

Many people will sit at home in their slippers and watch it on TV. If only there were some events for the slipper-wearing armchair Olympians of Great Britain — welcome to the Slipper Olympics!


grumpy old couple
British people take moaning to Olympic levels

The British take the biscuit when it comes to moaning and complaining. They train daily by moaning about everything from the price of cheese to the buzzing of bees. If they had to out-moan other nations, they should take the gold medal.

Talking about the weather

weather cock weather vane
Fancy a chat about the weather, cock?

The subject the British moan about the most is the weather, it’s either always raining or it’s too hot! Everybody in Britain is a trainee weather reporter, so competing with a Swedish contestant whose only used to talking about snow would be a first round KO for the UK.


tea drinking
The British national pastime – tea drinking

Forget the 100m sprint the British are supersonic when it comes to making a cuppa. From young teenagers to old age pensioners, making a brew is as natural as going to the loo for most of the population.


Queueing is in the British blood

They may like a good grumble, but the British are famed for their good manners and this is translated in their fondness for a good queue. At supermarket checkouts buying tea supplies or at shoe shops buying sensible slippers, queuing is in their blood.


tv addict
You’ll need comfy slippers and stamina for the Televisiathon

The stamina-crushing 26-mile Olympic marathon is a physical and mental test for most athletes, but have you ever tried watching television for 26 hours? If you have the tea-making skills of a Brit, a comfy pair of slippers and the holy remote, then you may have a chance.

So, if it involves keeping a pair of slippers and a dressing gown on, Great Britain is a nation to be feared. Until that day enjoy watching China and the USA clean up in the real Olympics.

Cute kittens in mens slippers

Slippers are popular with people and pets. They bring joy, comfort, warmth and relaxation to our tired toes.

For playful puppies, slippers make a great chewy toy to throw around and tear apart. And for active cats and kittens, slippers offer a cosy sanctuary for sore paws.

These furry felines seem particularly partial to mens slippers.

Photo by Sergiu Alistar
Photo by a-birdie
Photo by Cutest Paw
Photo by Kittens
Photo by Björn Hermans
Photo by Dr Case
Photo by Adrianne Lacy
Photo by Jeff McCann
Photo by Jason Devitt
Photo by cattoo

Leather slippers and other weapons of mass education

If you know the birds and the bees from you ABCs, you probably enjoyed a rewarding education somewhere in a sepia past.

Either that or you couldn’t stop messing about — so received a proper old skool education involving some punishing items that had you reciting your times tables with tears in your eyes.

Thank heavens they’ve been ousted out of the curriculum.


teachers cane
The cane

The iconic cane is the the sword of the old skool teacher. Thin, tough and able to break the sound barrier with a teacher-pleasing CRACK, the cane was famous for leaving red marks (and we don’t mean on your homework).

Leather slippers

leather slippers
The leather slipper

So popular at school, it was adopted by frustrated parents and is subtler than the cane. Yet, don’t be fooled by the harmless look of leather slippers as they give one hell of a bite when crashing down onto your backside.

Chalk duster

chalk and board eraser
The chalk duster

The missile of choice for angry school teachers. The chalk duster would take down moving targets trying to escape from class early or bring an end to talking at the back. Yes, nothing quite like a block of wood hitting you on the forehead — real conversation ender that one.


school rulers
The ruler

Sir’s flexible friend has broken many a heart and many a fingernail. It was only three decades ago that naughty pupils would be asked to display their knuckles in preparation for a few raps and we’re not talking hip hop. Yes ruler by name, ruler by nature — ouch!


writing lines
Writing lines

Similar to water torture, writing the same thing over and over again during detention would not only make your wrist ache, but have you muttering “I am an idiot for bringing a whoopie cushion to school” in your sleep.


dunce cap
The dunce

Once upon a time not even the headmaster could spell ‘political correctness’. So if you played the clown in class, humiliation and exclusion would be your punishment. As you were forced to stand in the corner of the classroom and look at the wall with a ridiculous hat on your head. Now that’s an education!

Serious slippers for serious men

Serious about slippers
Image source: Olly2
Serious men wear serious slippers

Seated in a brown leather Chesterfield armchair in a book-lined office of power, some men literally have their finger on the button.

These men take their domestic footwear seriously and wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of novelty slippers. When it comes to serious men, only serious slippers for men will do.

The Churchill

Image source: Wikimedia
The Churchill slipper exudes quality and good taste

For the cigar smoking, rabble-rousing leader of men, the Churchill slipper exudes quality and good taste whilst having the sturdy backbone to fight a cause all the way to victory.

The Moccasin

Richard Branson
Image source: Wikimedia
A moccasin is the metaphorical beard on a billionaire

For the wealthy capitalist with a bohemian past, the moccasin will take the edge of all that power and is the metaphorical beard on a billionaire. Relaxed and rugged on the surface, but sporting a workaholic sole that always keeps up with the jet setting capitalist.

The Chatsworth

For the regal, yet relaxed gentleman of foreign affairs, the Chatsworth is the perfect host for the diplomat — warm and charming, yet ruthlessly efficient when comfort is compromised.

The Carlton

Che Guevara
Image source: Wikimedia
The Carlton slipper for compelling power

For the generalissimo with his finger on the trigger, the no nonsense Carlton hits the target when it comes to being admired for compelling power. Strong, durable and unafraid of being mauled by the dogs of war, this slipper always comes out fighting.

The Leather Mule

For the consultant surgeon, who needs to be able to kick off in a hurry, the leather mule is cultured, precise and will never falter under a bit of pressure. The perfect cut for the sharp fingered.

The Invincible

Image source: Wikimedia
Invincible slippers for the eccentric genius

For the eccentric genius, who is partial to wearing his dressing gown and slippers to the supermarket whilst contemplating the meaning of life. Invincibles are the slippers of choice for the intellectually occupied and are most prepared to keep twinkling toes warm during random midnight ventures.

Stud or dud? What men’s slippers can tell you

mens slippers
What are your slippers saying?

There’s a common belief floating around the glossy pages of women’s magazines that you can judge a man by his choice of shoe. Many men are aware of this belief, so naturally they dress to impress in the shoe department.

However, when the curtains are drawn and the guards are down, the comfortable mens slippers emerge. And the slippers are where the secrets hide.

Leather Slip-Ons

leather mule slip on slipper
Hardworking slip-ons

Unchanged for 30 years, old faithful himself, Mr Leather won’t let you down. Hardworking, robust and an eye for the finer things in life.

He also probably drives a Ford Sierra Cosworth and likes listening to Spandau Ballet on his Walkman.

Knitted slippers

knitted slippers
Cuddly knitted slippers
Photo by Brgjane

Full of love and extremely cuddly, Mr Knitted is the apple of his mother’s eye.

But he’s not very tough and no good when it gets wet.

Animal slippers

novelty animal slippers
Eccentric slippers
Photo by Antonangelo De Martin

Eccentric and nature loving, Mr Animal has a great sense of humour and loves having fun.

Although, he finds it difficult to turn off the jokes and may look like a wally when dining in Paris.

Minimal slippers

minimal slippers
Reliably minimal slippers

Does the job, ticks the boxes, but doesn’t really stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for unspectacular reliability without all the fanfare, then Mr Minimal it is.

Furry slippers

furry slippers
Irresistible slippers

Bring out the Barry White music and re-lax, ah yes. Mr Furry is hot, passionate and irresistible to onlookers.

Not renowned for lasting relationships though.


moccasin slippers
Socially responsible moccasins

Socially responsible, flexible and takes a practical approach to life.

Mr Moccasins knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take control. Can be lazy at times though.

Trusty slippers

trustworthy slippers
Committed slippers

Trustworthy, straightforward and committed to keeping things warm.

Mr Trusty might sometimes be labelled boring, but Mr Trusty doesn’t care.

Exotic slippers

exotic slippers
Well-travelled slippers

Well travelled, open-minded and a little bit bonkers, Mr Exotic will bring the tastes of foreign lands into your world.

He might also bring insanity.

Weird slippers

weird slippers
Alternative slippers
Photo by Inger Maaike

There’s alternative and then there’s just plain weird. There’s not much to say about these slippers apart from avoid them — unless you’re a fan of the Teletubbies.

Choose your men’s slippers wisely.

Around the world in eight pairs of slippers

After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than taking off your shoes and putting on a comfortable pair of slippers.

But do you know your jutti from your mukluks? Across the world, footwear traditions vary according to culture and climate.

So put your feet up, and read on for our very own men’s slippers world tour.


Wooden slippers
Wooden slippers

Clogs are typically associated with the Dutch, but this form of footwear was once worn right across northern Europe. Cheap, practical and surprisingly comfortable, designs vary enormously between countries. In France, clogs are called ‘sabots’ and it is thought that from this word comes ‘sabotage’.

It is not clear exactly why the footwear of the French peasantry should be linked with industrial skulduggery, but suggestions include disgruntled workers throwing their clogs into the machinery – the equivalent of putting a spanner in the works.


Rope soled slippers
Rope soled slippers

The ubiquitous slipper of choice across the Pyrennean region, the name derives from the word ‘esparto’ – a tough grass from which rope for the soles was made. Canvas topped, the espadrille is the ultimate in light weight breathable footwear.

Modern espadrilles are brightly coloured slip-ons with soles made from jute. The originals were secured to the feet by laces that were wrapped around the ankles.


Greek military slippers
Greek military slippers

The Greeks are famed for their spectacular national dress. The full sleeves, embroidered waistcoat and pleated kilt worn by the Evzone guards are finished with a pair of Tsarouhi, the pompom adorned Greek slipper.

The shoe originated in the mountainous regions of the country. It has a pointed toe and the fabulous woolen pompoms, now decorative rather than functional. They were originally a rather unique way of water-proofing the shoe.


Native Indian slippers
Native Indian slippers

The plains Indians opted for the hard soled variety owing to the rugged nature of the terrain and the existence of cacti in the South. But the soft soled moccasins that make such comfortable slippers, were worn by the tribes from the Eastern side of North America.

These peoples typically travelled on foot across the leaf and moss padded forest floors. The footwear was particularly versatile as it offered the hunter gatherers protection for their feet while maintaining the ability to feel the ground through the sole.


furry snow slippers
Furry snow slippers

Made from reindeer or seal skin the mukluk is soft soled and incredibly light weight; the ultimate ‘Santa’ slipper. Its design is useless in temperate areas where water from wet ground would soon soak through the supple hides, but in the high arctic regions the mukluk is an invaluable piece of kit.

The key lies in the garment’s breathe-ability. In conditions of extreme cold, any perspiration that is not kept away from the skin becomes a dangerous contributor to frostbite, but the mukluk is dry as well as toasty.


jutti slipper
Asian leather slippers

In Northern India and Pakistan, the discerning slipper wearer wouldn’t be seen dead without his jutti. A highly distinctive item of footwear, jutti are traditionally made from leather. They are highly decorated with embroidery, bead work and an extended toe that curls up at the end.

It is impossible to put your jutti on the wrong way round because rather than having a left and right slipper – both are the same. Over time, the leather conforms to the feet of the wearer.


Japanese Geta Slipper
Japanese wooden slippers

The Japanese geta may not look particularly comfortable but their high rise design certainly has an advantage in wet or snowy weather. The traditional geta is formed from a flat piece of wood with two wooden blocks attached beneath.

A cross between a clog and a pair of flip flops, the geta are attached to the foot via a thong which passes between the big toe and first toe. The design was very practical for wearers of the ankle length, Kimono, keeping the expensive garment clear of mud and dirt.

Churchill slipper

churchill mens slipper
The ultimate British slipper

What could be more British than the Churchill slipper? Made from the finest nappa leathers with a cushioned leather sock and real leather sole.

The epitome of elegance and style, we’re sure that however far you travel, you’ll agree that the most comfortable slippers are those designed at home!

Celebrity babes in mens slippers

Slippers are smoking hot
Image source: Grufnar
Slippers are smoking hot

Believe it or not, the latest trend in ladies’ footwear is the ‘smoking slipper’.

Strongly resembling mens slippers for the home, smoking slippers come in varying shades of velvet, leather or fabric and can be plain or patterned.

So fashionable are these new smoking slippers, that they have gone from the kind of thing only Hugh Hefner would dare to wear outdoors…

Hugh entertaining a couple of bunnies in his slippers

Hugh Hefner
Image source: s_buckley / Shutterstock.com
Hugh Hefner in slippers

…to the shoe of choice for celebrity babes and female fashionistas. Here’s our pick of the best:

Linsday Lohan looking lovely in leopard print

Alexa Chung in cute cat slippers

Olivia Palmero looking stylish in embellished slippers

Nicole Richie low-key in velvet slippers

And if, by chance you are wondering if men can also get away with wearing slippers outside the home, take poor old Kanye West as a warning.

The multi-millionaire rap star might know a lot about the music business, but his fashion sense leaves much to be desired.

Kanye West giving Hefner a run for his money

The Slipper Wearers 7 Steps to Getting High

After a hard day’s work, energy levels are low, stress levels are high and it’s suprisingly difficult to relax.

Avoid those evening couch comas, learn to replenish energy levels and eliminate stress by getting high the slipper wearer way.

Bubble bath
Step 1 - enjoy a hot bath

Step One

On arriving home get out of you work/day clothes and jump into the bath (or shower). Wash the day’s stresses out of your hair and then calm your mind by simply enjoying the hot water for a bit.

Slipper tip: It makes a huge difference to light a few candles if you’re having a bath.

Step Two

Next slip into your chilling out clothes — pyjamas, dressing gown, jogging bottoms — making sure you’re comfortable and warm.

Slipper tip: make sure that your work clothes are put away or ready for the next morning — now your mind can relax.

Step 3 - savour the slipper feeling

Step Three

Okay, cherish this next step and really commit to it. Place your slippers on the floor. Then take a deep breath and close your eyes as you slowly place each foot into a luxurious leather slipper. Now savour that melting feeling.

Slipper tip: warm your slippers on the radiator and place a little talc inside.

Step Four

Now you’re feeling pretty high, so the next step is some food. Go cook yourself your favourite dish taking care not to rush and enjoy the ritual of cooking.

Slipper tip: add a glass of wine, beer or something you love to drink to your meal and really savour each mouthful.

Step Five

After dinner it’s time to get comfy in the lounge with your favourite dessert and the rest of the wine. Snuggle down into your favourite chair.

Slipper tip: place everything close by that you may require —TV remote, reading book, ipod etc.

incense sticks
Step 6 - soothe the senses

Step Six

Cherish the evening. Allow your senses to be massaged by the smell of incense, the ambient light, the book or film you’re involved with and the warmth of those faithful slippers.

Slipper tip: have a warm blanket and a few cushions close by.

Step Seven

Make sure you wake up feeling refreshed by not going to bed too late. Amble upstairs in your slippers and crawl into bed for a deep relaxing sleep.

Slipper tip: take off your slippers before getting into bed