Elf and safety: Stay safe this Christmas

Christmas Health and Safety

What dangers lurk over the festive season?

With Christmas almost upon us, it’s worth taking stock of elf and safety, as the festive season is also known as the accident season.

T’is snow joke either, as RoSPA reports (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) reveal that more than 80,000 people require hospital treatment each year for accidents during the Christmas period.  And you’re at your most vulnerable when you let your guard down to enjoy fun activities like opening presents and putting up decorations!

Just take stock of the following and it’s highly likely you’ll be in good elf come the New Year. Though we can’t be responsible for what you get up to on New Year’s Eve.

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Should have got some ice treads

Regardless of whether you have two legs, strong wings, webbed feet or furry claws.

When it comes to walking on frozen water, ice treads are the only way to remain upright.

So sit down safely and have a chuckle with this collection of slip-ups:

Humans on ice

Cat on ice

Dog on ice

Ducks on ice

Turkeys on ice

Kids on ice