What every man wants for Christmas in 2014

Man and woman exchanging christmas gifts.

Delight this Christmas…

With the festive period suddenly well and truly upon us, Christmas shopping pressure is certainly looming.

In 2014, the gift options for men go beyond new socks or a book – the revolutionary new products on the market are simply too good to miss off of a list to Santa!

With this in mind, we’ve compiled our top 5 Christmas treats for men this season.

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Why men get more stylish with age

Senior stylish man relaxing on a park bench with his tablet.

Effortlessly stylish…

It’s not just fine wine that gets better with age – the style and sophistication of a man often matures and improves over time.

With modern trends coming and going, quickly changing on what feels like a daily basis, it is the gents who stick to the style they know who stand out from the crowd.

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5 Surprising slipper facts

Surprising Slipper Facts

Image source: Stuff ‘n Sense
You’d never guess…

In the menswear market, the slippers on offer are no longer the dowdy and dull offerings you’d associate with your granddad. With a range of different styles and colours, there are now slippers available that wouldn’t look out of place with your best suit.

Adopting a range of different luxe materials, from leather to fleece, it is now possible to keep your feet comfortable and slipper clad, as well as stylish.

To celebrate the successful
 transformation of the classic men’s slipper, we’ve compiled 5 fun facts about them that you may not have known…

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